Thursday, October 21, 2010

Police brutality. Queensland better shape up and sack the bastards!

Police brutality is back in the news.

Especially Queensland police brutality.

The old running joke used to be Victorian cops would shoot first then ask questions later, now, it seems the Queensland cops are taking over.

I'm not saying all cops are thugs, but many QLand cops have been sued for assaulting people.

This week on A Current Affair, there was another story about a young teenage girl being brutalised by a thug cop. She filed a complaint and he was charged with assault.

This isn't the first time.

It seems QLand cops are taking over where the Vic cops left off. Many stories have been on over the last couple of years, from people simply going to pay a fine, a man going to find out about his son being arrested, even young people being arrested for having a good time.

They've been slammed into walls, floors, desks, dragged across floors, given black eyes, left in pools of their own blood, almost left for dead in the station jail.

Cops worldwide think THEY ARE THE LAW!

Ours are no different. Cops everywhere are thugs and don't bother upholding the law. They just vent their anger and frustration on innocent people.

So it's no wonder so many are being sued and complained about.

Here in QLand, cops from the Gold Coast have been transferred to Brisbane instead of being fired.


Because there aren't too many people lining up to become a cop.

Even half of the pommie cops that were brought over a few years ago went back to England because they were disgruntled about not starting off at the rank they'd left.

So, not many cops, so they keep the bad ones.

Personally, there should be a psych assessment before becoming a cop.

It would save a hell of a lot of money in payouts for assaulted people.

Jewels xxoo

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