Monday, October 11, 2010

MY BACK IS KILLING ME!!!! So I need a new bed!

Oh peeps, my back is killing me!!!!!!


Coz I need a new bed!!!!

For those who know, I've been seeing a chiro the last few months to straighten my back and what not out. I saw her on Saturday, and while my back is definitely looking better, she still recommended getting a new bed because my back and ribs are killing me.

I have an ansemble. The one with the mattress on top and the base mattress has legs with wheels so you can move it around.

Mine's 20+ years old.

I told her I had thought of taking the top mattress off and sleeping on the base which is really firm and still in good condition. She said try it, so yesterday, I pulled the thing off and threw some linen on the base.


I knew it would hurt, and probably take a few days to calm down but Jesus Christ. IT'S KILLING ME!!!

So I've been looking at some beds online and maybe I should get one of these.


  1. Oi, reminds me I need me some new mattress too. It's just that I care more about clothes lately LOL Gosh. Anyways.

    That hamburger bed is fun!!! LOL But I wonder if it's any comfortable? I move around way too much to sleep on a round surface like that lol I'd end up flat on my arse in the middle of night lol

    The third one... kinda coffin-ish, no? O_O It doesn't make you feel claustrophobic? XD or it's just me.

    The last one. Well. I'm sure it'll be good for dutty, raunchy sex hahahaha!

    I hope you'll find the best mattress for your back :( Get well soon, hon!!!

    (I'm almost done reading your book!!! :D Expect a comment in the next hour!!!)

  2. Bah, completely forgot about dutty raunchy sex!

  3. Do you have scoliosis? I do and so does my mom and it is such a pain! That hamburger bed is cute if it were for a kid. I think I like that second bed but that would be so scary, I move a lot too and I would literally drown in my sleep. Hahahaha

  4. Those are some weird beds! The bed surrounded with water looks nice, but I'm fairly sure my pillow and blankets would be soaked each morning because I toss and turn so much. Also, my cats wouldn't be to thrilled to have to go over water to get to bed!

  5. Mel, many a year ago, I was told that because their was a curve in my spine I had scoliosis.

    Then this year I went to a chiropractor and was told, it's just a curve and not scoliosis.

    She's been straightening me up and now it's almost back to normal.

    So if a doctor told you you have it, go see a chiro, see what they say.


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