Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Is it a meat pie, is it a meat pasty, no, it's a steak slice!

For those that don't have the fabulous meat pies in their country, or for some Americans who hear the words "meat pie" and go "EEEWWWWW", here's what a meat pie looks like.
It's a pastry casing filled with meat of any kind with vegies of all sorts and juicy gravy.

Then there's pasty (pronounced par-stie), so no, it's not the pasty that strippers wear. They're usually filled with vegies, but you can get them filled with meat as well. And they're scrummy!
But the ones I'm talking about is neither.

It's a slice!!!!!!

I discovered these in Woolworths, a local supermarket, and they are DE.LIC.IOUS!

Coming in steak.
Chicken and vegie.
And ham and cheese.
Stick them in the oven, watch them rise, and then cut them open down the middle, put some butter and grated cheese in it and it's DE.LIC.IOUS!
Jewels xxoo


  1. I am such a hater of the meat pie. im convinced they have metal bits in them. i think it might be just grissel but eww. metal.

    but ham and cheese and pie crust sounds awesome!!!

    the word verification is exual. thats like sexual and makes me laugh

  2. The ham and cheese is like a pizza and the chicken and veg is awesome!


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