Friday, September 24, 2010

Katy Perry and Demi Moore. They just can't win!

Katy Perry has been told she's too sexy for Sesame Street

Her appearance has been axed because of her cleavage!!!!!!

Back in march, Katy filmed a special version of "HOT N COLD" with Elmo.

A clip had been released to youtube and received many complaints claiming her outfit was too revealing.

Comments on the video sharing website included 'You can practically see her tits. That's some wonderful children's programming,' 'They're gonna have to rename it cleavage avenue' and 'my kid wants milk now'.

In light of the comments, Sesame Street has decided to pull her segment but it can still be seen on youtube.

Now why the hell didn't the company say and do something when she filmed the damn thing? They could've said then, "Katy, put some more clothes on. Don't wear a top that's so revealing."

Although from the pic, her boobs ain't that big anyway, unlike recently, they look HUGE!

And then there's Demi Moore.

The actress is suing Pacific Magazines, as well as the publisher of New Idea, who had taken the responsibility of printing pictures that were taken at a 2008 party.
The pictures show Demi, Rumer Willis, her daughter, along with other Hollywood stars.
Moore had lodged a claim in the year 2008 where she said that she had made a particular agreement with an event organizer which gave her all the copyright of the photos. She is now seeking indefinite damages.
The photos were shot at a confidential After Oscar’s party that was hosted by Demi. The trial of this legal clash is scheduled to start next week.
Oh, get fucked people!
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  1. Yeah you'd think someone at Sesame Street would have said "Umm.. Katy"

    But I think this is a win for her. It's publicity at least. And the kind of attention she's after.

    Not good for Sesame Street though.

  2. hey, i'm moving to a new blog add:

    drop by whenever ;)

    formerly stiletto girl (HAHA!)

  3. Do these people realize that kids spent their first years with their face shoved in tits?

    Personally, I don't find the dress upsetting.. just weird. It does make her boobs looks funny. But we notice that kind of stuff because we are perverted adults.

    But I like how Sesame Street is using her a scape-goat by not taking the blame for their decision. Blah. Bad publicity is still publicity, right?

    I think it was last year that Cookie Monster was on Colbert?! 'Was fucking hilarious XD

  4. Everytime Elmo comes here to Aus he (the guy with the hand up his butt) always makes lewd comments. So what's the diff?


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