Friday, September 10, 2010

Churchs, pastors, priests, reverends, God, they all think they can control us.

American Reverend Terry Jones planned to burn the Koran - a text considered by more than a billion people to be the final word of God.

So fucking what!

Only a few decades ago they were burning all sorts of literary books because the "adult public" believed they were too "mature" for the children of the time. That they would deviate our minds and make us rapists, and murderers and child abusers.

Sorry to disappoint you, they already existed.

Books don't make you do anything. All books consist of is paper and cardboard. With ink and a few chemicals thrown in.

It's a fricken book, BIG FRICKEN DEAL!

And then there's Melbourne's Catholic Archbishop Dennis Hart.

He wants to ban footy songs and pop music at funerals.


He's sent a directive out to Melbourne priests saying funerals shouldn't be a celebration of the deceased's life. This means all popular music has been banned. Priests must now stick to a particular guideline for funeral ceremonies. The guidelines states "secular items are never to be sung or played at a Catholic funeral" such as "romantic ballads, pop or rock music, political songs, football club songs,". A recent survey found that Collingwood's theme song was one of the most popular songs at funerals. Other classics like Frank Sinatra's 'My Way' and 'Wind Beneath My Wings' by Better Midler were also top favourites. The directive has angered high-profile Melbourne priest Father Bob Maguire. He says the ban by Catholic authorities is insensitive and a reversal of Catholic teachings. Father Bob says 90 per cent of people want rituals to reflect their lives. He says funerals should be family affairs attended by clergy not clergy affairs attended by families.

I have thought for a long time that the church and priests etc need to butt the fuck out of our lives. They believe because they "have the ear of God" that makes them high and mighty to dictate how the rest of us live.


Don't tell me, or anyone else what the hell we can or can't play at our own fucking funeral. If I want Lady Gaga, P!nk, Kelly Clarkson, Musicals, Rock, Pop, Thrash Metal then I fucking well will and YOU won't tell me otherwise.

Jewels xxoo


  1. I want them to play "I Feel Fantastic" at my funeral. It's not a pop song. It's not a rock song. It's not a footy song.

    Where's the harm?

  2. I did a blog on funeral songs a while back. I've got songs picked. I'll go with the graveside service. I'd feel a bit odd even when I'm 'dead' going to church :P

  3. I get so fucking mad when I hear these "religious" men dictate how the fuck we should live our lives!!! Just because THEY are miserable shouldn't mean that the rest of the world should be miserable too. What they need is to GROW A DICK. Because right now they are nowhere near to have what it takes to be a man.

    About the spineless creature, Dennis Hart, I dare him - I DOUBLE DARE HIM - to DEFINE FOR US what a funeral should or shouldn't be. -WE- live our lives and -WE- have all the rights in the book (no pun intended) to celebrate it or commemorate it how the fuck we want. We lived it, we owned it. Nobody else. What's next?! They're going to "regulate" epitaphs?! THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!

    Burning the Koran or whatever books. To some extent I can understand. It is disrespectful to the author/artist and whatnot and COULD upset the admirers/fans/whatever... but like Socrates once said : "You know, Phaedrus, that's the strange thing about writing... they seem to talk to you as if they were intelligent, but if you ask them anything about what they say, from a desire to be instructed, they go on telling you just the same thing forever". -- Plato : Collected Dialogues, 1961.

    Food for thought.


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