Monday, September 6, 2010

Ah The X Factor. Who REALLY gives a shit!

Ah the X Factor. It's supposedly hit Australia by storm but quite frankly I think it's fizzled out like a soft drink gone flat after two days.

Maybe that's because of the judges.

Meet, Kyle Sandilands, radio announcer and knob I've mentioned before. He's the fat boofhead in the suit.

To the right is Ronan Keating, sometimes solo singer/Boyzone member.

To the left is Aussie singer Natalie Imbruglia. Ex soapie star and solo singer. Although more like has-been and never-will-be again. She hasn't lived here in a good decade or two.

To her right is Guy Sebastian. The first Aussie Idol winner way back in 2000 .... something.
We've been getting it almost every night and while I have watched bits and pieces, noticing they COMPLETELY cut out Matthew Newton from the show (read last thursday's post), it does not keep my attention.

Newpapers in the UK have claimed that only 1 million viewers are watching and it's a flop because of Ronan.

I think people aren't watching because we've had enough of reality tv.

Cooking, singing, dancing, weight loss, WHO GIVES A SHIT!!!!

I've had enough, and God knows why they had to pick judges that have crap all to do with Aussie music, except for Guy who still releases cds. Natalie doesn't and who cares about Ronan.

WE DON'T!!!!!


Unless Simon Cowell is coming to judge, then I'll watch!

Jewels xxoo


  1. I like Ronan! hehehehe

    One thing I sure miss is the X-Factor show and of course, it was partly because of Simon that I was watching it. Totally love this dude!

  2. Well I'm watching the show all the way from the US and loving it. The talent they're showing is way more exciting than our last season of American Idol. And your comment about Guy "winning way back in 2000 .... something" is a bit ironic isn't it? That's exactly why he's so great for the show - he won that long ago and has been releasing hit songs (4 #1's) ever since. You yourself even turn around and make a positive comment about him later (I guess even you can't "bitch" too much about Guy haha).

  3. X Factor is still going? I honestly had no idea.

    I mean, I heard something about Matthew Newton hosting it.. or was he hosting something else?

    Anyway, Kyle Sandilands is a dick and nobody likes him.

    The other three I don't care about. They're nobodies and I'm not wasting my hate on them.

  4. Jwipe, I don't mind Guy, at least he's currently in the music industry. Natalie isn't, and since it's Australian X Factor, we shouldn't have Ronan.

  5. Well, even if their not active in the public eye (they can be producing for other artists and whatnot), they still got experience in the industry and did had some success back in the days. I can respect that. But their music was lame. So that cut it. Hahaha!


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