Monday, August 30, 2010

Paris Hilton, when will the bimbo learn!!!!!

Ah Paris, you'd think spending time in jail back in 2007 would have had an affect on the airhead bimbo heiress.


She was packing cocaine when she went to South Africa for the soccer.

She's now packing cocaine in Vegas, claiming again, it wasn't hers but belonged to the girl who owned the purse.

After police noticed smoke coming from the open windows of the car, and believing it smelt like marijana, they pulled them over. Her boyfriend, Cy Waits was driving and has been fired from his job.

And ironically, if Paris hadn't reached for her lipbalm, that rascally pack of cocaine would not have fallen from her bag.

"Oh but Officer, it's not mine, the purse belongs to a friend of mine so it must be hers!"

Yeah, WHAT.EV.AH!!!!

Seriously Paris, jail didn't work, will being charged with cocaine possession work either?

Probably not!

And do you REALLY want us to believe you're so poor you have to BORROW a purse!!!!!

Just like all the other celebritards that get charged, they get let off, or fined instead.

Seriously, what the hell does that teach every other person who's not famous. That being a celeb will get you EVERYTHING, and being a mere mortal will get you sent to jail!

Jewels xxoo


  1. I saw the Paris Hilton latest fiasco's headline but I didn't bother reading the article. She got let off? What the frak?!

  2. The last time she was in jail she practiced playing "Amber Sweet" in Repo because they told her they wouldn't give her the part.

    The 72 hours or whatever she spent in jail must have paid off, because she got the part.

    Anyway, I hope her spending more time in jail means there's going to be another Repo soon. Not that she was brilliant in it, but the movie was brilliant.

    It was brilliant despite Paris, not because of her.

  3. Geez.... What an airhead indeed. I mean, gosh, does she actually think we would believe that she borrwed a purse from someone.

  4. It seems she's now going to be charged for cocaine possession.

  5. I hear she can get up to 4 years for this... so disappointing! I felt like she cleaned up since her last stint..


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