Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Favourite Things: RADIO DUO HAMISH AND ANDY!!!!!!

Yes peeps, this week my fave things are Aussie drive time radio duo Hamish and Andy.

Now you may have seen them in my side bar or under my Charities & Love Stuff page, but I love these boys. They drive me home in the afternoons, making me piss myself laughing with hilarity and mischief.

Head on over to their website - http://www.929.com.au/shows/hamishandandy
or follow them on facebook - http://www.facebook.com/hamishandandy
or on Twitter - http://twitter.com/HamishandAndy

They've taken the Caravan of Courage across Australia, twice, plus America, Great Britian and Ireland. They've sailed a tall ship toTasmania, Hamish has gotten tattooed by P!nk, AND they've bought FRANK STALLONE TO AUSTRALIA!!!!


What more could you want!


  1. Hamish and Andy are pretty awesome. There's a whole host of Aussie comedians out there that are awesome.

    We're pretty lucky in terms of laugh creators.


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