Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Okay peeps, for those who saw my tweets last week, you'd know I'm looking for a pc notebook and a camcorder.

The only thing is, they HAVE to be blue!

So I googled blue computers and blue camcorders and look what I found.

Sony Vaio E Series notebook in iridescent blue. I saw loads of pics where it was blue with the pink keyboard, but when looking to buy one, it had a black keyboard. Might have to do some bartering to get the pink.
JVC camcorder. Check out the screen!

Panasonic SDR S26.

Samsung HD.
Sanyo Xacti!

Sony Bloggie!
So peeps, I'm having a hard time deciding. Although I probably should make a list of all of my requirements and then get my arse to an electrical store to check them out. I just hope they come with remote control!
Jewels xxoo


  1. OMG! I think it's love at first sight! I love that Sony Vaio with the pink keyboard! love love love love!

  2. i vote for sony bloggie!!! :D it is soooo adorable.

  3. Blue is not my favorite color but I gotta say that blue laptop w/ pink keyboard is absolute love!!! If I wasn't Pro Mac, I'd probably go for Sony Vaio because of their pretty colors... though I heard their battery don't last long... approx. 3h or something like that which is a big downer D:

    And I prefer the Panasoic Camcoder for no obvious reason lol The flip-screen seems pratical and all (and the blue seems closer to the Sony Vaio lol which makes it a perfect match XD)

  4. I checked out the sony vaio over the weekend, and it's normal pc size, just a little wider. I thought it was notebook size, but no. I was told that the small pcs are useless for business, although I think he was just trying to sell me the large more expensive pc.

    It's a nice blue, irredecent with small spots. Didn't come with the pink keyboard though. And the Panasonic and canon camcorders are my choice to buy.


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