Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kristy Fraser-Kirk in her $37 million sexual harassment case against Aussie store David Jones. And how Alannah Hill made it worse. But she was funny!

There's a department store here in Aus called David Jones. It's high end and has a lot of Aussie designer labels selling in its shops.

However, something has been afoot!

A story that started accumulating several years ago, abut only really came to be known to all of us a few months ago, has now become about money. There's an exert below -

KRISTY Fraser-Kirk yesterday put herself up as a champion for women as she lodged a $37 million sexual misconduct action against David Jones and its former CEO Mark McInnes.

With her parents and partner Chris Drew by her side, the former DJs publicist broke down as she spoke for the first time since Mr McInnes resigned from David Jones over her allegations in July. As she launched a claim for what will be Australia's biggest sexual harassment case, Ms Fraser-Kirk said she would this week set up a sexual harassment hotline for other employees of the retail giant. "It is not just about me," she said. "I'm a young woman standing here today simply because I said it was not okay, because I said this should never happen to me or to anyone. This has been a devastating period in my life, for me personally, my professional career and the effects it is having on my family and friends. I just wanted to be treated with respect."
In her statement of claim lodged yesterday in the Federal Court in Sydney, Ms Fraser-Kirk alleges that it was known to the nine high-profile members of the David Jones board that Mr McInnes was a workplace bully and a serial sexual harasser and they breached their duty of care to protect her from him."David Jones knew or ought to have known that McInnes was a danger to young women working at David Jones," she claims. David Jones said yesterday that both the company and its directors would be defending the claims "vigorously".

A spokesman for Mr McInnes, who is believed to be in California with his pregnant girlfriend Lisa Kelly, said a brief: "No comment." Ms Fraser-Kirk said she would donate any punitive damages to a charity of her choice that helps people in the area of sexual harassment and bullying. If she wins, it would be the first time any Australian court has awarded punitive damages to punish an employer in a sexual harassment case.

Now, in my opinion, no sexual harassment case is worth THAT much. Even rape/molestation/car accident victims don't get ANY where near that so what makes her think she's so special?

Don't know.

But it was made worse yesterday by fashion designer Alannah Hill. Seen here with Designer, Alex Perry.

ECCENTRIC fashion designer Alannah Hill has turned to charity to ease the controversy she caused with her I encourage sexual advances outburst yesterday. In what started as an odd attempt to defend the store that stocks her garments, Hill outed herself as the "brunette" McInnes allegedly told former DJs publicist and alleged harassment victim Kristy Fraser-Kirk that he "could have had guaranteed sex with ... last night but I wanted you", Hill said at the retail giant's spring/summer fashion parade yesterday. "Yes I was the brunette, yes, yes, I was the brunette. He could have bedded me but he chose the other one," she said, laughing.

Fellow designer Alex Perry chimed in with "Can you imagine that?" before Hill said: "I know. Why would he choose her over me?" Hill said she had a crush on Mr McInnes and that "I threw myself at him. I wouldn't be trying for $37 million, I would just be like, good," she said. "I would have gone back to that Bondi flat in a heartbeat. Yes, yes. I wish it was me. I wish he'd touched me up. He told me he didn't want to mix business with pleasure."

Today, the eccentric fashion designer turned to charity to ease the controversy she caused with her “I encourage sexual advances” outburst yesterday. Hill, who is known for her fruity and feminine womenswear, ruffled many feathers yesterday by reducing the $37 million David Jones sexual harassment lawsuit to a “glitch”. Today Hill announced she would hold a “sorry sale” in her flagship Paddington store on Saturday, with half the proceeds donated to “some sort of a women's shelter or sexual abuse [charity]". (Because her business peartner threw a fit and told her to apologise and get her shit together.)

Speaking on Melbourne radio, Hill’s attempts to make amends and be serious only further made her look foolish. Asked what she would do with the other half, Hill said: I might pass them on to the nice girl with the hyphen in her name. I've forgotten her name."

Ms Fraser-Kirk has lodged a claim against Mr McInnes and DJs, alleging the former CEO was a serial sexual harasser and the store's board had breached its duty of care to protect her from him.

While Hill last night released a statement saying her comments were "in jest" and not meant to trivialise a serious situation, praise for Mr McInnes came from other designers associated with the DJs brand. Hill and Perry described the store as an "iconic brand" that would survive the scandal. "It'll be a glitch and then we'll move on," Hill said.

Kaftan designer Camilla Franks said she continued to respect Mr McInnes and that there's "always two sides to every story. I adore Mark".

Oh Alannah, Alannah, Alannah.

Now the definition of sexual harassment is this -

Under Section 28 (3), sexual harassment occurs 'if the person makes an unwelcome sexual advance, or an unwelcome request for sexual favours . . .. or engages in other unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature in relation to the other person, and - the other person has reasonable ground for believing that a rejection . . . would disadvantage the other person in any way in connection with the other person's employment or work or possible employment or possible work, or as a result of ... rejection ... or objection to the conduct ... is disadvantages in any way in connection with ... employment or work ...'

Okay, but clearly Alannah didn't mind the sexual advances, and what happens if a woman wants the advances and attention. A lot of women go after men and want the touching, flirting, groping, kissing, sex. But that's what makes her, and others, different to blondie I mentioned above.

Some want it, some don't.

And THAT has to be the motto you live by when it comes to sexual harassment.
If you don't like the advances and attention, then DO something.

Now Kristy complained to her boss Mark. When he tried it on again, she complained to the big bosses of David Jones. They did nothing. She then left and decided to speak to a lawyer. And now she's suing for $37 million. And she's NOT FUCKING worth it.

A woman has to stand up for herself. No job is worth more than your self esteem, self confidence, or self worth. The first time it happens, you make it clear with a "IF YOU DO THAT AGAIN, I'LL KICK YOU IN THE NUTS, AND SUE YOU."

Women need to stand up for themselves. NO JOB is worth keeping if it means losing your emotional and mental health. DO NOT STAY! DO NOT PUT UP WITH IT! NO JOB IS WORTH IT.

Jewels xxoo


  1. I agree! No job and no person is worth the loss of self respect and integrity!!! The first time should also be the last one. There's a line that cannot be crossed!!! I often talk to women/girls who endure so much from their male co-workers in fear of losing their job or being penniless. Your body, your mind, your soul is priceless and you should protect it from monsters like these sexual harassers/predators. We always hear the women get harassed but it applies for men too! They shouldn't endure it neither. NO ONE should.

    What always puzzled me with any murder/rape/harassment cause is the emphasis on money. To a certain point, that money will help you like to pay psychologist's bill and then what?! Nothing. It won't solve a damn thing. I couldn't get my dirty uncle locked up and no penny from him would have made me better or feel avenge.

  2. I think that's really what the money is all about in lawsuits. It covers doctors, loss of income, lawyers fees etc. But not everyone always gets something, and you have to sue for it as well as go through the courtcase to prove them guilty. If they're found not guilty, you may not get anything.

    Essentially, money does nothing but pay bills. It doesn't mend your heart, mind, soul, body.

  3. God you are sooooooooo dumb

  4. I've got no problem with her claiming that much.

    37 million is a big number, sure. But when you put it in terms of "5% of what the douchbag and the store that allegedly did nothing during that period earned", it's not such a big number.

    And if she wins, company's all around the country will make sure they keep an eye on their CEO's and make sure this doesn't happen to them.

    If it prevents sexual harrassment and workplace bullying for others, it's a win for everyone.

  5. Anonymous, you left a reply AS anonymous, and you call me dumb!


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