Monday, August 2, 2010

Kathleen Worrall found dead in her cell after being jailed for killing her sister.

Two years ago, at Strathfield in Sydney's inner west, 22 year old Kathleen Worrall stabbed her teenage sister Susan to death at their family home.


Because of an argument about internet access and a hair straightener.

I know, bullshit right?

But that's how some people roll in the world.

They have an argument, and decide there and then to kill the person they're having the argument with, without even stopping to think about what they're doing or the consequences associated with their actions.

She was found guilty and jailed over her sister's death, and had stopped taking the medication she was on for "mental issues".

She was found dead in her cell on Sunday morning.

It's believed Kathleen Worrall died from natural causes. Although they have not been stated and I have no idea WHAT natural causes a 22 year old off metal medication and in a jail cell could possibly die from.

Karma maybe?

Jewels xxoo


  1. Definitely karma. Sheesh, I can't believe she killed her sister over a petty arguement! How awful

  2. I've thought about killing my brothers many times when I was younger, but I'm a normal person. I realised that would be wrong.

  3. Scoman, I think EVERYONE has thought of killing a sibling/parent/partner etc at some time in their life.

  4. You DO understand that these "mental issues" you so obviously know everything about, are actually, hormone imbalances, right?
    Maybe, before you go and have your pms driven "bitch fest" you should try and find out all the information rather than just post parts of dribble you got off Channel Ten?
    I think that would be a wise decision but hey, what do I know, I actually have a brain.

  5. Dear Jewels Diva,

    If you were actually a professional about being a Social and Media commentator you would ACTUALLY do your research and not JUST read bulletins.

    Your 'bitchfest' makes me me sick and may Karma come around to bite you on the ass.

  6. you are a straight up fuckwit. your blog is tight ass & u clearly know NOTHING!. FAIL.

  7. i hope you are never in a state of mind that makes you so angry and desperate that you cant think of anything else but to kill someone. mental health is not something light and i know its hard to understand how a person could feel such extremes in emotion but the human mind can do terrible things when pushed to the extreme. please use sensitivity when you are talking about someone's sister, daughter, friend. Kathleen deserves more than this.

  8. To the first anonymous, I didn't get it off channel 10 and I'm surprised you thought I did. Although YOU clearly watch channel ten, I don't. And as for her mental issues, she should NEVER have gone off her pills and her doctors and the jail should have made sure she didn't.

    And as for all the other anons, whether you be the same one or several people, clearly you didn't get the point of the post. I didn't need to go indepth about her mental issues, I don't give a fuck about her mental issues. I was reporting the facts of, she killed her sister over a petty issue, was jailed, went off her meds, then died in jail. My question then was what natural causes do you die of in a jail cell.

    Clearly anons are fucked in the head, not me. My job is not to report the whole fricken story, but to give the basic facts and then have an opinion.

    Clearly you all have no idea how to give YOUR OWN PERSONAL opinion on a topic because all you wanted to do was bitch about me.

    And as for the last anon, you have no fucking idea what state of mind I've been in. I do know what it's like but since you clearly haven't been through my blog you wouldn't know that.

    And why should ANYONE have sensitivity for Kathleen, the bitch killed her sister and went to jail. What sensitivity did her sister get.


    So to all anons who DON'T HAVE THE GUTS to put a name to their post, FUCK OFF AND DON'T COME BACK unless you do!

  9. Wow, these anons (if it's not from the same person!) completely missed the (many) questions your post brought up. Why should ANYONE with mental health issues get caught off their medicines, specially after committing an homicide?! THAT is a FAILURE from the medical board and the justice system. BIG TIME FAILURE. And the fools who made the decision need to answer tough questions to the public and the family. If it would happen to my family, these people would get their credibility questioned and quite possibly get their job severed. Granted, Kathleen killed but it doesn't mean they can harm her or any other prisoners. Or why call it justice, just call it the motherfucking Jungle.

    If anything the medicines should have been revised, improved and dosed accordingly even more than ever because of the actions she took and the disorders she clearly had and get special attention from psychiatrists and whatnot to help her get through her disorders. The fact that she died makes me believe that the absence of medicines (was it gradually or not? someone mentioned it?) caused suicidal tendencies that would have been avoided if Kathleen had stayed on proper medicines. Thing is, in jail, guards (at least at night) makes a round every hour and they cannot open the jail cell without three other guards and under "special circumstances" only. Seeing a patient prepare for a suicide isn't one of them. They see you loop your rope: can't open the jail. Was it rope, was it an overdose of some medicines she bought from another prisoner? These things are so common in jails, so much more than we want to believe they really are... Talk to anyone who did time, they'll tell you how it is inside. A different world.

    I wonder if the family believe those "natural causes". Was there any health conditions she had that would lead to death at such a young age? I wonder, and being cynical, if the so-called journalists and reporters theses anons saw on TV researched that far. Have they gotten any word on the autopsy? I don't know, it's just so very unlikely that a young person would die so suddenly if there wasn't any conditions prior to that day. It just doesn't add up. At all.

    But Kathleen's death and her mental health issues DO NOT forgive the horrible act she committed. NEVER WILL. Do not take from another human being what you cannot give them back. It's pretty commonsensical but common sense is the least common of all senses...

  10. Haven't heard about an autopsy yet. Everything's gone quiet.

  11. Because i believe the Worrall Family wish for it to stay that way.

    Moron.. . . i mean Jewels. If you want to bitch about someone you have got to be able to take it too.

  12. All I see is "so-called journalists", "MY job", etc.
    Jewels, you are not a professional, you are not some informative, you are not original and you are not informed.
    You also would know we're not all the same people since you can actually check IPs with Blogger but if you want to act like you can't tell these things, I was the original Anonymous.

    Fact is, your "facts" are your sick interpreted version of what went on and I don't have to read all of your blogs to see that everything you write is inspired by your Aunt Flow.

    You really shouldn't attempt to seem smart when everything you've written on this page suggests you're angry, uneducated and unaware of shit.

    We aren't just random people who are angry, we are people how know Kathleen and don't need to go by what the news portrays as true. We know the facts.

    In addition, Channel Ten appears to be much more informed about the situation and a lot more understanding given that they didn't ask questions to themselves and attempt to leave out vital facts.

    "I don't give a fuck about her mental issues" yet, you claim you adore facts. Well, her hormone issues were facts, maybe they should have been present.

    Just to educate you a little since you clearly need it,
    the natural causes of death outside jail can happen inside jail as well.. It's not all that different sweetie.

    p.s you shouldn't get so worked up over being caught out, it's very unprofessional.

  13. Jewels in your 'contact moi page' - "Facebook me! or i'll kill you?" irony? no ignorant? I think the word I am looking for is just pure stupidity. .... Everything about you screams unprofessional and distasteful. Is this not evident from the rejections you have had from publishers? (yes, unlike you I do research) Your general lack of ability to manipulate facts for a reaction has evidently failed and Karma has swung 'round and bit YOU on the arse.

  14. Lauren, glad to see you finally have the guts to put your name to your second reply. And it's clearer that you can't get your shit straight either.

    I'm not going to bother wasting my time and energy looking for ips of gutless people who leave their replies as anonymous.

    My facts are from the news and are simple and straight to the point of what happened. Oh, and mental issues ARE NOT an excuse to kill someone.

    And seriously, you're assuming someone can't be angry, disappointed or disgusted with an issue WITHOUT it concerning their period. SERIOUSLY! You REALLY want to go there?

    I don't give a fuck about her mental issues because millions of people have issues and are adult enough to find a professional to deal with it. THEY don't go and kill their sister over a petty arguement. So WHERE THE HELL were the professionals helping her then, huh? Got an answer for that.

    And no, smart arse, I never claimed to "adore facts" So you're making that shit up.

    And as for educating me on natural causes, do YOU have an answer to how a 22 year old female could die of "natural causes" in a jail cell? Because you slam me for it then don't give YOUR OWN opinion on it. So what is it? Heart attack, aneurysm, diabetic or epileptic seizure? Come on, you reckon you know. So tell us!

    Oh and sweetie, I didn't get worked up over being caught out as you claimed, because 1 - I wasn't caught out, and 2 - I actually did do research, and all of it said the exact same thing.

    And now we come to nemoser. Who actually took the time to look through my website. Thank you for the attention! Clearly you don't get humour though my dear, I don't give a shit if you facebook me or not, I was being what normal people would call, funny!

    Mmmm, unprofessional and distastful, well clearly it's working because you're complaining.

    And as for my few rejections, thousands of authors are rejected time and time again when they submit their first few novels. In fact, The Help by Kathryn Stockett got 60 rejections before being published. So you obviously know NOTHING about being a writer and what it takes to get a manuscript picked up by an agent or publisher. Many famous authors were rejected when they first started sending their subs out. Stephen King, Jonathon Kellerman. But you clearly didn't research that.

    And as for my lack of ability to manipulate facts... I didn't manipulate anything, so no, karma has not bitten me on the arse at all. Get YOUR facts straight!

    Oh and Lauren, glad to see you're a 21yo lesbian nerd. Whose Twitter bio says "My life's pretty sad but I am good looking so I guess that makes up for it?"

    And nemoser, also known as Jennifer Gollan, is a Proud stereotypical ANGRY LESBIAN!

    Since you're both from Chester Hill and know each other as proud lesbians, you're clearly trying to do the old one two punch by ganging up on me with your anger and hatred by accusing ME of being angry.

    Talk about hypocrites!

  15. she didnt go off her meds in jail, she was off her meds when she killed her sister..Kathleen was getting the treatment she required while in jail, whether she died of natural causes is yet to be determined, there are a lot more factors that the media have no knowledge of that the coroner will look into to determine real cause of death..if you dont have the fact why post like you do? as its obvious you are only sprouting what the media have had to say.

  16. btw, i forgot to put my name to that last post..i am Carinas and my daughter was close to Kathleen.

  17. So apparently the whole media lied when they all stated that the offical word was that she died of natural causes. Of course, there was no word that she had hung herself, or slashed her wrists, they went with natural causes instead.

    And carinas, I feel sorry for your daughter. And by the way, I never actually said she went "off her meds in jail".

    And you know what people, you're entitled to your opinion. The problem is, you aren't HAVING YOUR opinion, you're slagging off at me for my opinion instead. Just because I read and listen to the news and then state my own, does not make it wrong. Just because YOU think it's wrong does not make it wrong. Everytime you spout YOUR opinion you think it's right and don't like it when people disagree. Well you don't agree with me, but I don't give a shit. Because I, like you, am entitled to say whatever the hell I like.

    Freedom of speech is my right as well as yours.

  18. everyone is entitled to their opinion, i agree but i dont agree when those opinions are based only on media hype.

    there are a couple who have replied here who have gone on about her not taking her meds while in jail.

    your comment on *karma maybe* is a little harsh, especially when again its only from the media hype that you gleened your *facts*.

    i am not condoning what she did to her sister but having worked in mental health for many years i have an understanding that people can and do snap for what ever reason and its a sad state of affairs when that happens because it destroys people, Kathleen was a loving, caring human being and im sad to see so many people (not just here) having no compassion or empathy, all they see is *killer* and *karma*..

  19. ok i finally had a chance to go through this. Gosh i am behind the news, i didnt even hear she died.

    my thoughts...

    Mental illness is awful. I have experienced it for years. When i go off meds i get very irratic. Never to the point of wanting to kill someone. If she killed her sister whilst she was not on the meds i feel sorry for her, she wasnt in her right mind. And being on meds that most likely would not have happened.
    But she killed her sister and thats awful.

    Now she dies in jail. I would assume in jail she would be on meds. Its the jails responsibility to make sure people take the medication they require, its part of the recovery. So i am going to go with she was still taking the meds in jail.

    Not sure what a healthy 22 year old can die from in "natural causes".

    I guess i just really feel for her parents. Imagine what they are going through at the moment...

    Mental issue is one i feel strongly about so i cant really jump on a side like crazy.

  20. Yeah, these people were so concerned about Kathleen that they let these fools take away her meds.


  21. Oh wow, all I read from you "Jewls" was a load of crap.
    First you claim you didn't research, you just grabbed this info off the news, THEN you claim you DID research! Golly!

    As for the slandering of sexualities.. I think you now know that there is a difference between you and Kathryn Stockett. She got rejected because she needed to grow and mature and then did. You need to mature but probably won't.
    You should probably think about the fact that if you did ever get published, your main audience would be gay men.
    But don't worry, I've taken a screenshot of your "insults" based on sexuality for just in case someone does make the mistake of publishing you.

    p.s I've attached a link I feel would be appropriate for you since this doesn't seem to be working out. x

  22. Carinas, I don't have sympathy, empathy or compassion for murderers. And that's what Kathleen is. Plain and simple, to the point.

    My sympathy, empathy and compassion lies with Susan. The girl who DIDN'T deserve to die over a petty argument.

    Oh Lauren, you REALLY DON'T read do you. I NEVER said I didn't do research, I just said I didn't watch channel 10. There is 7, 9, ABC and SBS as well as the newspaper AND the internet you know.

    And I never slandered sexualities. Clearly you have issues with being gay, and so you're projecting that onto me. And if gay men want to buy my book, good on them.

    As for taking screenshots of my "insults", good luck with those, since there were no ACTUAL insults. I merely checked your twitter profiles, and repeated what YOU had written.

    I never slammed gay people, I said nothing bad, insulting or demeaning about gay people. So good luck with that. And by the way, this post will stay here for the world to see, so they will CLEARLY see there were NO insults.

  23. Aw you're so scared and defensive, it's quite cute.

    'I actually did do research, and all of it said the exact same thing.'

    'My facts are from the news and are simple and straight to the point of what happened.'

    'And as for my lack of ability to manipulate facts... I didn't manipulate anything, so no, karma has not bitten me on the arse at all. Get YOUR facts straight!'

    then you say,

    'And you know what people, you're entitled to your opinion. The problem is, you aren't HAVING YOUR opinion, you're slagging off at me for my opinion instead. Just because I read and listen to the news and then state my own, does not make it wrong.'

    That's you saying you directly take the news and put it on there and then saying you misinterpret it and put a new little spin on it and THEN post it. Which is it babe?

    'Oh and Lauren, glad to see you're a 21yo lesbian nerd. Whose Twitter bio says "My life's pretty sad but I am good looking so I guess that makes up for it?"

    And nemoser, also known as Jennifer Gollan, is a Proud stereotypical ANGRY LESBIAN! '

    to me, that's you a)- giving out information like last names and what not and then b)- highlighting our sexuality as if it means something and attempting to belittle us with what little you know about us. You didn't go into the fact I have my on my Twitter and listen to a lot of music but you are willing to state our sexuality and post what we have written on our profile- attempting to make it matter to what we're saying and our sexuality was included there so yes, you "slammed" us :]

    You repeated yourself a few times there, angry? Scared? Aw :(

  24. Jewels, why did you post my Full name and sexuality.
    It clearly has NOTHING to do with homicidal threats. You may not have insulted me, but attacking those who are trying to defend those who can't defend themselves absolutely and utterly petty.
    Think of Susan and Kathleen's poor parents. John and Maureen are yet again having to bury another child. For their sake just quit your fucking moaning and give them some respect.

  25. Dear All Contributors to this "discussion"

    Such events as those that have unfolded in the Worrall family are extremely confronting to all of us. We have a multitude of mixed emotions about these events, ranging from disgust and outrage to deep sadness and compassion for the bereaved parents whose devastation we can only dimly imagine, and for the young lives cut short in such appalling circumstance. It can be difficult to sort out all these feelings and arrive at a "position" that feels acceptable to us.

    We are all capable of feelings of murderous rage, but fortunately the vast majority of people never act on them. It is very difficult to really "see into the mind" of someone who does.

    I guess my message is that we should be kind to each other, agree to disagree when we can't reach consensus, try to respect each other and our differences, and show compassion and sensitivity to those most closely involved with this unspeakable tragedy. Perhaps we could all think about the effect on Kathleen's and Susan's parents if they were to read the vitriole that has emanated from this blog.

  26. R.I.P Susan & Kathleen.

    Thank you, Delphi, for putting an end to the "discussion".

    I don't wish to re-open it at all, my comment is for Jewels only.

    Jewels, you seem like a very angry person. I don't wish to insult you or anyone else;in fact, I wish you the best of luck.

    I just hope that one day you'll deal with your own anger.

    May you come to see that anger is the flip side of frustration, and you are clearly a very frustrated person. It comes across in your writing, the fact that you immediately reject others for not taking your side and for offering up conflicting opinions.

    Once you move beyond your frustration, you'll write truly objectively, so please acknowledge your feelings both good and bad to yourself first!

    There's enough slander, hatred and narrow-mindedness on the Internet without your contribution.

  27. Matty, I, like most people, get angry about a lot of things.

    I have no issue with people having another opinion, it's when they insult and slander me for having mine because they don't agree with it, that pisses me off.

  28. I new both Susan and Kathleen Worrall very well. I went to school with them.

    I don't appreciate the people who have said nasty things about the two young girls.

    They were both bright, beautiful girls. Let them rest in peace. No one need's to see nor hear your opinion on the matter.

  29. Firstly, my blog, my opinion.

    Secondly, this was posted LAST August.

    Thirdly, YOU left a message. So you read my post.

    Means the last line of your post is idiotic.

  30. Jewels Diva - first of all I don'y understand why you care whether people are anonymous because Jewels Diva is your actuall name you are no less anonymous then anyone else.

    Also - don't you think family and friends who have now lost two girls from their lives should have random people like you insulting those you have passed away? Have some respect and maybe just think for a moment that what your saying may really hurt people.

    Next time you want to bitch about someone choose someone you know someone about and preferrably someone who is around to defend themselves. No matter how much research you have or haven't done if you don't know this girl personally you have no right to make such a judgement and it is extremely disrespectful to tell those others who say they do that they don't know what they're talking about.

    Lastly if you resent people bitching about you on dont give the option "Bitch to me or love me heaps!"

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