Monday, August 9, 2010

Home and Away's Ray Meagher. Alf Stewart gets dubbed, but is it funny?

There's a soapie in Aus called Home and Away. And for the whole 21/22 years it's been on tv, there is one last remaining cast member who's been in it the whole time.

Ray Meagher.

This year, he won the gold logie. After 21/22 years.

He's seen as an Aussie tv icon, and is treated with love and respect by people who have worked, do work, know, or come across him.

He's a tv legend.

Until last week, when A Current Affair, and Today Tonight, our two main current affair tv shows showed the same story, like they always do trying to out do each other for ratings.

It seems that some knob has taken old episodes of Home and Away and dubbed new voices over it. Using words I wouldn't even use.

Is it humour?

Is it disgusting?

I'll let you watch the story and decide for yourself.

Jewels xxoo


  1. It's like the Chaser I think.

    Sometimes people mistake acting like tools for humor.

    Sorry Chaser boys and whoever dubbed this, you're not funny. You're just tools.

  2. Yeah, those dubbed thing easily step over the line... I like the ones made by Mozinor (on YouTube) but I usually don't like any dubbed videos like this. The people who make them always think they have to use coarseness to be funny.


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