Monday, August 23, 2010

Australian Election 2010. The backstabbing ranga bitch thinks she's won, but not yet she hasn't.

Okay peeps, so I've told you before about our government and how the ranga ousted our prime minister read here, and here and how we were going to the election on Aug 21st as called by the ranga backstabbing bitch below.

Well we went to the election and the 14 million or so that ACTUALLY voted apparently voted for the ranga and her party.

According to her.

It would seem that Labor and Liberals are neck and neck for seats in the parliament. So it comes down to the Greens, Independants and those left to decide.

However, Ranga came out yesterday and claimed that the Australian people have voted for Labor by voting for the Greens and the Independants.

That's not how it is bitch!

IF the public voted for Labor there would have been a landslide.

But they didn't.

So now we have to wait any where up to a week to find out who our next Prime Minister will be, unfortunately ranga is deluded in thinking it's her.

As for me, I don't vote. But if I did, I would have voted for Tony and the Liberals.

Although I'm more interested in making Aus a republic and so all hail the new President of Australia!!!!!

Jewels xxoo


  1. Abbott said a similar thing. The fact less people voted for Labor than last time means the country wants him as PM.. regardless of the fact Labor still got more on the two party preferred.

    I think they're both wrong. The way Australia voted shows we hate them both pretty much equally and we don't want either of them to have any power.

    But as much as I hate the two major party's I hate that tosser Fielding more, so I'm glad Australia's boot landed firmly on his backside.

  2. Fuck the lot of them, that's why I did not vote. A fucking lezzo ranga and a fucked up catholic, what has our great country come to. The only winners were that fucked up lot of greenie wankers led by that fucking eco terrorist brown they only got the votes as protest against the other turds - bring on the revolution !!!!


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