Thursday, July 8, 2010

QUOTE OF THE WEEK! - and that leads to dumb arse people who get themselves into debt.

Quote of the week -


Yes that's right, why expect someone else to get you out of the debt you stupidly got yourself into.

YOU'RE the one who booked up the credit card. YOU'RE the one who spent all your money on take out and holidays. YOU'RE the one who lived high on the hog and thought the money would never run out.

And then the debt collectors start calling.

Well morons, they wouldn't call if you hadn't racked up all that debt.

Below is an ad for the Aussie company "My Budget".

Apart from the fact the owner, Tammy May, has an irritating voice, the look the girl gives when the phone rings is even more stupid.

And if tv was interactive, I'd stick my fist through the screen and punch her out.

The point of these ads is for Tammy May and her company to help people get out of the debt they got themselves into.


You still have to pay Tammy May!!!

So really, you're paying someone to sort out the debt you got yourself into and then you'll still owe them and what's the point really when you can pull your head out of your arse and sort your own debt out by cutting up the credit cards, cutting back on take out, cigarettes, alcohol, giving the kids whatever the hell they want because they whinge etc, etc, etc.

The only reason you'd have to fear a phone call from a debt collector is because you're the moron who got yourself into debt on the first place.

Wake up and smell the new credit card peeps!!!!

You're to blame for your own life, no one else.

I still hate that ad!

Jewels xxoo


  1. What I don't like about the situation is then people sympathise and say "Oh, poor guy. He's really struggling with his credit card debts and now the bank's chasing him because he can't meet his loan repayments. He's trying to keep up, but they won't give him a break"

    How about if he owed YOU $200,000+.. would you go easy on him if he just stopped paying?

  2. Obviously when I said you I didn't mean you, because you're on my side about this. When I said you I meant them, the people who talk like the lenders are the bad guys because they want their money back.

  3. Got it Scoman. But I wouldn't lend it in the first place! I'm selfish when it comes to my money. Get your fucking own is my motto!!!!

  4. I can relate so much to this post right now. This is something I want to scream at someone's face but I digress.

    I won't mind lending SOME money but definitely not huge amounts. And only if the person is accountable. We've all been through shits but the morons with a wallet are obvious.... People need to learn how to budget!!!!! And it ain't that complicated! These morons are one of my biggest pet peeves EVER!!!! Some of us are so used to get things instantly that they cannot control themselves with plastic money. Can't buy it now? WELL THEN YOU CAN'T BUY IT EVER UNLESS YOU START SAVING, BITCH! And I don't even want to hear "I have a rent to pay", as if they were the only one with a landlord up their ass./rant

    Sorry about this lol Like I said previously, it's hitting a nerve right about now...

  5. Cyn - feel free to say whatever!!!!

  6. Geez...And does anyone actually fall for this stuff? It's sad when someone is in debt but I really feel bad for whoever they owe money to. I've been there. I lent someone money but they never got around to paying me back. grrrr. But then I guess it was my fault for believing they would actually pay me back. tsk tsk..

  7. You have to be careful with your own money and when someone says can you lend me some, you have to seriously think about it and understand, that you may just NEVER get it back!


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