Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Favourite Things: ACCESSORIES!!!!!

Have'nt posted pics of my stuff for awhile, so to get some more space on my pc and to get this stuff off, I'm uploading my accessories for you all to see.

Mind you, this isn't EVERYTHING I've got. Just some bits and bobs that a mystery P.I who silently scouts around for things to bitch about would wear.

One MUST have a variety of watches dahling! Swatch to the rescue!
And then one MUST have a collection of fashionable sunglasses to hide behind.
I took my two Cancer Council sunnies and stuck Swarovskis on the sides to bling them up!
One must have belts to decorate the waist!
And leather gloves to keep the hands warm in winter. YAY!!!!! Trying to track down coloured ones that are reasonably cheap.
And a variety of Caboodles and Sassabys to keep accessories in!
Including this little Sassaby that I got off ebay!!!!


  1. I love those Guitar sunglasses. One of my FB friends has them on in their display pic and I am super jealous.

  2. Your third watch is so cute! I want it! =)

  3. I love your bling! Especially the watches.

  4. You have so many amazing stuff, Jewels!!!!!!

  5. I know!!!!

    That's what years of collecting does for you. Just clogs up your house with stuff!


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