Friday, July 9, 2010

MEMORY LOSS......wait.....fuck, what was this post about again?????

That's right.


When you can't remember what day it is when you wake up in the morning.

Or when you wake up and can't remember if you actually put the bin out for collection and panic coz you hear the garbo coming round the corner and you can only vaguely remember taking it as far as the gate but did you ACTUALLY open the gate and put the bin at the curb.

Or when you're thinking about something and go to put the milk in the cupboard and the plate in the fridge.

Or when you can't even remember what the fuck you did 5 minutes ago.......

What DID I do 5 minutes ago???????????????


Not just for the old, alzheimer ridden, decrepit individual who's aging badly.

It's for all of us.

Sure, we might put it down to trying to remember too much. We have work, kids, partners, partying, friends, shopping, perving, eating etc to do, and so we might think it's normal, coz apparently the brain does automatically forget things that aren't important so we have the space and capacity to remember tthe things that are.


When you're under 60 it's REALLY BAD that you can't even remember what you would consider the simplest things.......


What was this post about again????

Jewels xxoo


  1. Hahaha! Great post!

    After I went to the exhibition "Bodies", at the end of the tour there was a little kiosque where you could buy all kind of things related to what you learned. One of those thing was a precious book that I will carry with me through my grave :

    It supposed to help the people 50+ but damn if it's only them suffering from memory loss lol It definitely has creative and useful tricks to exercise your brain while teaching you amazing stuff about its inner workings. It didn't cost a lot too so it's a must-buy for everyone with memory loss :O

  2. I still haven't bought the bin in, or gotten the mail. It's not that I've forgotten, it's just that it was too cold to get out there early, and then I've been online watching the last three eps of CSI NY S6 know....

  3. Jewels, Happy Birthday to your Gorgeously hot husband - Michael :D


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