Monday, June 28, 2010

OLD FARTS IN AUSTRALIA. Pamela Anderson and Engelbert Humperdinck.

Yes that's right peeps, the old farts have come to town.

Pamela has come to town for the start of our Dancing With The Stars. She judged and danced at the end with her Aussie dance partner she was on the US verson with.

She still thinks she looks shit hot, and up close, she doesn't. Her makeup is covering quite a few wrinkles and crows feet, and she's looking old around the eyes.

I don't know who still thinks she looks hot, but I don't.


And then there's Engelbert Humperdinck.

Only old farts would remember him. He's 74 years old and here for some shows.
Who gives a shit?
I don't!!!!
Jewels xxoo


  1. Pamela Anderson was once hot? Who ever did look past her big, fake boobs? I never saw her as an attractive woman! Yikey!

  2. Heeehh, did I just heard a woman complaining about another woman's wrinkles?!!!!!!!?!?!!! There sure is a lot of support in the female crowd these days, huh... I am so GLAD we can see some normalcy in the aging process in Hollywood. They're just WRINKLES, not a tumor sticking out of her forehead, for fuck sake! ;D Minus the surgeries, she's looking fine. Better than most her age that's for sure!!! Or Heidi Montag that is twice half her age... OOPS.

    Humperdinck. LMAO. Whatever. These old folks need to retire and play safe with their money/IRS... I'm tired of seeing them around. They did their time.

  3. I always thought of Pam as a bimbo. She seems like an airhead. Sure she has big boobs (but their fake) and yeah she may have a really great body but beyond that there's nothing else about her. I would think by this time she would have at least aged gracefully. But she still looks like a bimbo an old bimbo.

  4. Cyn - it's not that I'm complaining about her wrinkles, I just think she doesn't look as good as she used to. Too fake and too done up.

    Mutton dressed as lamb!!!!!


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