Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Favourite Things: Winter Clothes!

Yes peeps, you've seen my summer clothes and now since winter is almost here it was time to show my collection of winter wear, well, some of them anyway.

Long sleeve tops -
And some more -
And I loved these so much I bought two!
My Mickey tshirt was only $4.50 from a Salvation Army store and the jacket was valued at $250 from the Disney store. But I got it for $10 from a Salvos store! And it's suede! BARGAIN!!!!!!!!!!
Various assortment of jackets! I put the stuff on the pink denim myself, after getting it from a Goodwill store and dying it pink!Painted the dark and put the flowers and stones on the light, both came from Goodwill stores!
The rock n roll I had made and I put the stones on the black!
Winter jumpers, a pegasus hoodie and a circus jumper that cost me $8.50 from The Salvation Army and it's been specially made. Clearly no one wanted it except for me!


  1. I love your long sleeve tops! So cool! I also love how creative you are. Very cool jackets, especially the pink denim!

  2. Great post. i like your long sleeve tops. thanks for sharing.


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