Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Favourite Things: ELECTRA BIKES!!!!!

I so desperately want one of these bikes. Mainly the bottom one coz it's so fucking cool.

I found a small article in a local paper about a month ago and checked out the website. www.electrabike.com click enter and then in the top left corner hover over bikes and click on cruiser. You'll find them under ladies. AND....... you can buy bits and bobs to add to it like flowers, a basket, candy coloured seats and all sorts of chrome stuff.

This ones's called Jenny. Cyn-b-demented loves this one.

It's called OM!!!!!
And it's SOOOOOO MEEEEEE!!!!!!!


  1. I want a bike, but I have nowhere to store one that would protect it from the weather.

    I probably wouldn't get an electra bike though. And flowers and baskets would not be my style at all.

  2. This is super cute!!!! I think I want one too, but I want one in pink and yellow. =) Something bright and happy like me.

  3. You need to put a white wicker basket on the front handlebars. Only then will you be cool.


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