Monday, June 7, 2010

Missing children found through Facebook.

Two children who went missing 15 years ago in the US have been tracked down through Facebook.
A Southern California mother whose two children were reported missing 15 years ago has tracked them down in Florida using Facebook.
San Bernardino Deputy District Attorney Kurt Rowley says Faustino Utrera, the father of the boy and girl, took off with them in 1995 when they were ages 2 and 3.
Rowley says recently the mother typed one of the children's names into Facebook and a listing for her daughter, now a teenager, came up.
The mum contacted authorities, who tracked the Facebook profile to Orlando, Florida. Utrera was arrested and charged with kidnapping and violating child custody orders. The Florida Department of Children Families says the mum is trying to build a new relationship with the children.

Well peeps, looks like Facebook is good for something.

I know Alyssa's been on and off it this year, and to a degree I don't see the point of it unless you want to keep up with family or friends. The rest of us use it as advertising for ourselves or a business. I got on because I'm thinking forward to when my book is published so I already have a web profile. That's why I also have Myspace (although I'm not there that often) and Twitter, and I did join Linkedin a couple of weeks ago, but I'm not getting much out of that at the moment.

So for those who have Facebook tell me why you have it.

For those who don't have facebook tell me why you don't want it.

For those who have Myspace, Twitter, and anything else that's out there at the moment, let me know what it is, why you've got it and what's good and bad about it.

Jewels xxoo


  1. I started FB because an old friend invited me to join and now I play farmville, BUT have gotten together for coffee and drinks with friends from high school.

    Twitter is great. I love following people who can be funny in 140 characters. That takes talent.

  2. I have FB because I've moved away from where I grew up, and so have a few of my brothers, so we have family all over the state so it's the best way to keep in touch both with my brothers, and with the friends I've left behind (or who've also got the hell out of that hole)

    I hate Twitter to communicate with the awesome people from the bloggosphere.

  3. Opps.. have Twitter. My bad.

  4. facebook is a pain in the ass. if i get ONE more request from one of my pain in the ass friends to attend some club night they are promoting then i am cancelling my account... again.

  5. Well kudos to Facebook. I guess it really does help to bridge people together. I used to be addicted to facebook, basically it was because of the online games they had on there. I was addicted to Jungle Jewels, but now I use it as a means of keeping in touch with family and friends.

  6. One of my friends sent me an invitation to join Facebook. Out of boredom I signed up and totally forgot about it. A year later, I got another invitation from another friend and then I started using it. Before I knew it, I had around 40 friends. And then I found old, old school friends I haven't seen in about 10 years!

    So to me, Facebook is a way to keep in touch with almost-forgotten friends, and family.

    Also, I'm on Twitter. Joined Twitter mainly for networking and then I made friends through Twitter and I'm glad I did. ;p


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