Monday, June 21, 2010

Kevin Rudd cracks onto Latika Bourke about her clothes. Why? Because he's cracking under the pressure.

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has angered feminists after making 'sexist' remarks to a female reporter who turned up at a press conference wearing a fedora hat, a white shirt and a long grey tie.

Instead of answering journalist Latika Bourke's serious question about why his flagging leadership is 'in crisis', the Labour leader gazed up and down at her clothing before giving a bizarre response. He said: 'Well, that's a point of language which you have used which is dramatically consistent with the dress which you have chosen today.' 'It's a great tie, it's a nice hat, I like it a lot,' he quickly added.


I know you're having a nervous breakdown but the need to have a go at someone for their clothes just because you don't want to answer their question is just LOW!!!!

I know I'm a week behind the times but I decided to have a go at Kevin fucking Rudd again.

For those who have read my posts for awhile, you'll know I have a go quite often. I can't stand our Prime Minister. He's cracking under the pressure of bad polls, people hating him, his own party leaving him in droves. He's an egg that's been boiled and has just cracked and we're all now waiting to the shell to peel off when we go to the polls later this year.

He claims he'll lead the Labor party to the next election, but there are rumblings of the party wanting deputy PM Julia Gillard.

She's a ranga (red head) with bad dress sense. But then most of them are.

I hope Kevin fails miserably. I hope he loses the next election and is gone forever. He's an arsehole and I hate him, and with the polls down and the election looming, he's making dumb arse remarks and flinging insults around faster than he changes his underwear.

Goodbye Kevin.

I won't bother sending a goodbye present, after you spent all of Australia's money on complete shit I no longer have any money to spend. And even if I did, I'd probably just send you a bag of dogshit anyway.

Jewels xxoo


  1. Anyone wearing a Fedora deserves to be made fun of.

  2. HEY!!!!!

    I like fedoras and own an animal faux fur one. But I would like them in all colours, just a matter of finding them.

  3. Your PM doesn't possess any tact at all! I read your previous post on him and I'm amazed. I mean, if you know that you're losing your people's support, you should at least do something to mend it, right? But it looks like Kevin Rudd needs a reality check!

  4. Johana - he certainly does. The experts reckon if we went to an election now he'd lose in a landslide!


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