Monday, June 14, 2010

It's the Queens birthday......except it's not!

Today is the Queen's birthday.

Except it's not.

But Australia celebrates it here in June.

Except it's not.


We are!

Most of Australia celebrates it in June. Western Australia celebrates it on the Monday nearest Sep 30.

England itself doesn't celebrate it until the first Saturday in June. New Zealand is the first Monday in June and Canada is the middle of May.

Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor was actually born at 2:40 am on April 21, 1926.

Official birthdays became seperated from actual birthdays when King Edward VII decided to celebrate his birthday in the summer instead of his true birthday in November.

We are a member of the commonwealth which is why we celebrate her birthday.

I don't think we should. I think we should be a republic and have our own President. Not answer to the Queen, the royals or any other pissant pommie royal who thinks their own shit don't stink.


Jewels xxoo

p.s - it's also the end of the British institution known as The Bill. Boohoo!!!! :( Maybe the Queen can save it!


  1. So THAT'S why I'm not at work today. I had no idea which public holiday it was, I just knew it was a public holiday.

  2. Yeah, we got so many it's hard to keep up!

  3. It's a holiday, but very odd how it is celebrated on different days in different countries.

  4. Oh wow. That is pretty interesting. It kind of reminds me of my granny's birthday. She was born on the Eve of Chinese New Year. So it changes every year there are times when her birthday is on February and other times when it's on January. All these changes of date gets confusing at times. =)
    I vote Jewels for President! Anyone else second the motion?

  5. Yes, I'm definitely confused. At least you get the day off!


  6. Thanks Mel and Cyn! I'm voting for me too!


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