Friday, June 11, 2010

I had nothing to bitch about until I saw this!

OH MY GOD!!!!!

I actually didn't have anything to bitch about until this popped up on my screen from God knows where coz I didn't click on it but this is a FUCKING DISGRACE!!!!!!

Sex with daughter consensual:

A man accused of imprisoning his daughter for 12 years and fathering her seven children says their relationship was consensual. The comment comes as a second daughter told authorities she was abused by her father and bore him a son.

Police say Jose Agostinho Pereira, 54, could face up to 30 years in prison for allegedly keeping one of his daughters and their children in subhuman conditions in two-room hut in an isolated, jungle area in northeastern Brazil.

In a jailhouse interview, Pereira remained defiant about the accusations that he had seven children with his 28-year-old daughter. "It's a crime, I know it's a crime. But she was also committing it," Pereira told local television station TV Cidade. "I only did it because it was a consenting love. If she had not consented to it, I wouldn't have done it."

Lead investigator Adriana Meireles said that another of Pereira's daughters - who is now 31-years-old - is accusing him of abuse. "The woman confirmed to us that her father raped her and that she had a son about 17 years ago," Meireles said. "The woman said she escaped from the home shortly after she gave birth to the boy and left him with her father."

Police say Pereira started sexually abusing his now 28-year-old daughter after his wife left him, when the daughter was just 12. The pair had their first child four years later. Pereira is accused of keeping her under virtual house arrest since 1998.

They and their seven children lived in a thatched-roof hut, outside a tiny fishing village in Maranhao state, an area so remote it can only be reached by canoe. He was jailed on Tuesday in the city of Pinheiro, about 2,250 kilometres north of Rio de Janeiro.

His daughter and the children are being cared for by the state's protective care services. The exact ages of the four girls and three boys are not known, as none of their births was registered.

Police believe they range in age from two months to 12 years. Paiva said police were tipped off about Pereira's behaviour by anonymous phone calls.


Hope your weekend isn't this bad!

Jewels xxoo


  1. This sick shit, and much more.... I don't even want to know the depth of it or I think I'll loose my fucking mind!!!

  2. Have you seen a picture of the man? I don't think anyone would have sex with him consensually.

  3. Since the Austrian guy, who did the same thing to his daughter, has been arrested, I hear more and more similar stories. And it never gets less shocking!

    May he rot in hell!

  4. Aw, I heart your blog. Stalking you now.

    About this sick son of a bitch: I hope his testicles rot and maggots start coming out of his ass.

  5. Cyn - don't lose your mind, you need it!

    Scoman - seen a pic, his daughters didn't have a chance.

    Johana - Agree!

    Demigoddess - welcome! Stalk me anytime! Completely agree!


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