Friday, June 25, 2010

Australia's new Prime Minister Julia Gillard, and what the bitch did to Kevin Rudd.

So as you all know, Australia has its first female Prime Minister.

It was done badly.

She was NOT voted by the people, she was put in by the Labor Party because they no longer had faith in Kevin Rudd.

Now as you know from my previous posts I hated what Kevin Rudd did and said. And while Julia will not be any better, time will tell whether she has the balls to do any better.

Here's her first parliament question time as PM.

And then Tony Abbott, the oposition leader got stuck right in!!!!


And for all Kevin Rudd was, did and said, I actually teared up - watch the 33 second mark - the look on his face just guts me. It's like it's primary school all over again and he's been bullied into the back bench by the school's queen bitch.

And watch out for the 43 second mark where Tony really cuts deep with his comment. The footage is a little dodgy but you'll hear it.

Today is a little weird. It's still kinda surreal. People are saying "wow, our first female pm", "let's hope she does a better job", but what she did hasn't happened for over 100 years.

People may hate her guts for this, and while she was put there to lead the party to the next election to win, she may very well go down in a ball of flames.

Jewels xxoo


  1. Her accent sounds more Australian than Crocodile Dundee.

  2. I didn't know that you guys had a new female PM. Sad that I get all my news from blogs.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. The atheist bitch comes from some bogan suburb in Melbourne. Low-class typical feral union loud-mouth turned parliamentarian, parachuted in from Labor HQ.

  4. For a start, she comes from Adelaide via Wales in England.

    Secondly, who gives a shit if she's an athiest.

  5. Man what a lying bitch. On the front cover of the sunday times we had a pic of her looking like the pope dressed in white preaching. Then next to it in black, looking like the devil photo shopped to hell was Abbott, news media is pushing for her to win so they can keep the money with the rich again. No one I know is going to vote for her in the election. The media, unions and $$$ hungry cow haven't mentioned she was the one guiding KRudd and how she back stabbed him and then stomped him to the curb making us look like a 3rd world country to everyone. Who the hell treats your 'best mate' that, I'd never do that to my workmates. I already have over 260 people on my facebook pledged to vote liberal just to see her burn and fail. A vote for greens or anyone independent is a vote for her since they are backing her with all the $$$ they can.



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