Monday, May 10, 2010

Should we ban the muslim burqa?

It's time to get tough on refos and foreigners who move to our countries.

Especially those who have burqas and headwear that covers their face.
Oh yes, Belgium is banning it, other European countries are banning it and now Kevin Fucking Rudd says "NO, WE WON'T BAN IT."
PIG. FUCKING. SHIT you won't.

European countries are banning it on terrorism laws. Claiming men are dressing in the burqa to raid shops and banks at gunpoint. In fact, it happened here in Australia just the other day.

Meters and meters of black material that cover everything but the eyes. You wouldn't know who the hell was underneath it or what the hell they were carrying.

DO YOU want to be blown to bits because a guy wore a burqa and blew everyone up?
The point is, AUSTRALIANS have to abide by the laws and rules of this country so why the hell should foreigners not?
MMMMMMMM......... *tapping foot impatiently with a really mean look on my face*
We have to show our faces to get our licence, bike couriers have to remove their helmet to show who they are, SO WHY THE FUCKING HELL SHOULDN'T MUSLIM WOMEN REMOVE THEIR GOD DAMN BURQA?
And don't go bitching about their religion and how it's racist and forces them to do something they don't want to. I know FOR A FACT that the muslim religion DOES NOT make women wear headgear, only the fanatics dictating countries do. It's a KNOWN FACT!!!!!!
Get them bitches to remove them or kick the fuckers out!!!!!!!
Rules are rules and law is law and Kevin fucking Dudd, you're not managing our laws AT ALL!!!!

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  1. It's for safety reasons, safety should always comes first. Honestly when I see someone wearing black cloth from head to toe, it kind of makes me paranoid. Not that I'm a racist or anything but it's just all these terrorist acts that's been going on all over the place, it really scares me, so when I see them I just leave wherever I am at, it totally kills my shopping mood.

  2. Banning the burqua because some guy used it in a robbery is like banning the automobile because they had a getaway car.

    You ban the burqua, they'll wear a balaclava. You ban the automobile, they'll bring a horse and cart.

    People are jumping all over this because of the media's muslim fear hangover from 9/11, but it'll pass. If it hasn't already.

    It's a non-news item.

  3. Sometimes I feel the need to wear one of those when I have a zit.

    No ban! ;)

  4. Why can't they just fucking wear a ski mask like every other burglar?!! 'Would make it easier to run, too, instead of having your legs obstructed by a stupid "dress"... but maybe I'm being too logical about it.

    I'm for banning it too. Here, we've got a weird case of "females" attending assimilation classes that refuses to make their oral presentation in front of men so they turn their back to the class. Ahem?! I wonder if I would have had a decent grade if I would have worn a kraft bag over my head when I was stressed about my presentations... stupid fucks.

    What is interesting with this issue is that it brings up a lot of question about our country's identity and how far are we gonna go before saying "that's stepping over the line". Are we too tolerant or not?! But what I found even more interesting in our debate a few months ago is that the Muslim community is tired of these extremists bringing Burqa and other extremist tradition in Canada. They said that they won't tolerate it because they came here to get away from those things in the first place so they are telling these extremists to back the fuck off and go back where to they can practice those traditions as they please.

  5. Cyn, you'd look good in a kraft bag,lol!!!

    They love to hide behind their religion and claim it's a part of it, but clearly it isn't.

    I really don't know what the point of it is and Cyn you're right, how do they do anything while wearing it, considering they have a million other pieces of clothing under it.

    They really layer up.

  6. I don't know how true this is, but I heard a guy on the radio and he said that in SA you can get a driver's licence photo wearing a burqa. I think that we should have Australian Laws that everyone on Australian soil obeys regardless of there background, race, etc. If you went to Singapore and chewed chewing gum you'd get thrown in jail. If you went to the middle east and started preaching to peaople they would torture and kill you by there laws. Why the hell shouldn't we have laws that govern our way of living. Lets stop pussy footing around and make a stand against this sort of crap that threatens our way of life. Our diggers would be rolling around in there graves if they knew there sacrifices were in vain because we didnt want to offend somoeone who rorts our way of life anyway. it may not be a threat yet, but just let things slide little by little and before long we have became a third world country

  7. I hear ya!!! they come to our country and Australians dont wear things over their faces!! robbery or not.. there is nothing more uncomfortable than coming face to face with someone who a) you cannot see their face and b) whats under their clothes....


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