Thursday, May 13, 2010

QUOTE OF THE WEEK! - that leads me to billionare Richard Pratt, his wife, his mistress their children and his will!

Quote -

Now here's the story of an Aussie billionaire who died last year. And boy, did he leave a problem.

Richard J. Pratt was a prominent Australian businessman, chairman of the privately owned company Visy Industries, and a leading figure of Melbourne society. In the year before his death Pratt was Australia's fourth richest person, with a personal fortune was valued at A$5.48 billion dollars. Pratt was appointed an Officer, of the Order of Australia, however he returned his awards in February 2008 after he was fined $36 million for price fixing. Under Pratt’s direction, Visy expanded from two factories in Melbourne to more than 55 plants across Australia, U.S., New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea. From cardboard boxes and packaging, Visy moved into waste paper recycling. Later in the 1990s Pratt expanded his operations considerably into the New York waste paper business.

As well as his business interests, Pratt was known for his involvement in public service, having held posts including: foundation chancellor of Swinburne University of Technology, president of the Victorian Arts Centre Trust, and Chairman of the Board of Management of the Mental Health Research Institute of Victoria.

Through the Pratt Foundation, the Pratt family are among Australia's leading philanthropists donating up to $10 million AUD a year. Pratt was named Environmental Visionary of the Year in 1998 by the Keep Australia Beautiful Campaign. Pratt received the AO, Officer of the Order of Australia, in 1985 and the AC, Companion of the Order of Australia in 1998, Australia's highest honour. His wife, Jeanne, is also an AC recipient.

Richard Pratt was married to Jeanne Pratt for nearly 50 years. After the success of Visy Industries, They enjoyed a lavish lifestyle, with a private jet and a range of apartments, including a penthouse at the Sherry-Netherland Hotel in New York City; their main home was the historic mansion Raheen, in the Melbourne suburb of Kew, the former residence of Roman Catholic Archbishop Daniel Mannix. The Pratts had three grown children, Anthony, Heloise and Fiona. Another daughter, Paula, was born in 1997 to his long-term mistress, Sydney socialite Shari-Lea Hitchcock. In 2000 this affair became the subject of widespread media attention owing to a court case involving Ms Hitchcock and a nanny hired to look after her daughter. At the time, Mr Pratt was accused of trying to pay hush money to the nanny who had launched legal action against Ms Hitchcock.
Richard Pratt died last year, leaving his mistress and his love child 30 million dollars. However, she thinks it's not enough. The selfish bitch has now taken the Pratt family to court demanding a larger share of the wealth, which is billions. As if 30 mill isn't enough for her and her daughter.
While she was the mistress, she got whatever she wanted. Money, trips to America, got to take her girlfriends. WHATEVER SHE WANTED!!!
And now she wants more.
Personally, the bitch needs to go away. She just keeps dragging this on and on and she may not even win. She was in the will and received a huge chunk, but who says she deserves anymore?
It's up to the judge and I'm very curious as to what happens.
If only we all had 30 million dollars. Believe me, I wouldn't be whinging.
Jewels xxo


  1. i want a sugar daddy damn it.

  2. I don't..

    If he's cheating on me I'd prefer his balls in a jar rather than $30M in my pocket and my name being dragged through the mud.


  3. I think I'd take the 30 mil and run!

  4. I'd have the 30 mil and invest in something and triple that! Stupid bitch!

  5. Oh my lord, what a mess.

    I think the judge should TAKE BACK the 30 mil she was already given!!!


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