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QUOTE OF THE WEEK! - And that leads to serious sex shit that leads to an episode of the X Files.

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Have I got your attention?

I was having a convo the other day when blood tests before marriage came up and whether you still had to get one to prove you weren't related coz God knows how many times I've heard or read stories about people going to get married and found out they were related.


It reminded me of the X Files episode that was one of the grossest and probably most disturbing I saw in the whole show. And I watched all of them until the last season when the network decided to stuff around with the time and date but then what else is new CHANNEL 10!!!!!
Season 4, episode 3, HOME.

For those who don't know about this episode, I'll give a brief recap.

A baby is found dead, and upon examining it, it's found to have several genetic disformations.

Scully and Mulder go and investigate, and find that the three Peacock brothers have the same genetic diseases and have buried several dead babies, which Scully and Mulder find in the backyard.

The Peacock brothers are so pissed off they go and kill the sheriff and his wife. Scully, Mulder and the Deputy sheriff raid the house in search of the brothers and the woman they believe is being held captive in order to be impregnated. But the brothers kill the Deputy sherriff.

Scully and Mulder let the pigs out of the pen to distract the brothers and while they're rounding up the pigs, Scully and Mulder search the house for the woman they believe his being held against her will.

At first they find no one, but a noise brings them to a bedroom where they find a severly disfigured multiple amputee strapped to a trolley under the bed. They slide her out and question her, finding that she is in fact, Mrs. Peacock, the mother of the three boys. Scully and Mulder get the hell out of there.

Turns out, the mother has been having sex with her sons and having the babies in a vain hope they will turn out normal. And when they don't, the boys kill and bury the babies.

Feeling sick yet?The final scene of the show, shows the back of a car bouncing up and down, and then you hear the voices of the mother and one of her can guess what they were doing......

I don't even remember what the actual reason for her being disfigured and an amputee was, it was that last scene that I remember.

I watched the X Files from the very beginning and this episode has lived with me since viewing it. It's something I haven't forgotten and repulses me, but for some reason, everytime I think of how we're all going to be related one day when you take into account sperm banks, intergenetic relationships (family members having kids with family members, or molestation/rape resulting in children) men having multiple families with multiple women, and people having no fucking idea of who they're related too, it could possibly happen.

I'm grossed out!

Are you?

I've added a couple of quick vids for you to get the general idea of the episode.

Jewels xxoo


  1. (I was eating a soup but had to stop due to major grossness lol)

    It IS disturbing but even more so when you are conscious the person you are having sex with is related to you. I've known (not personally) people who did this and I was disgusted beyond belief... And to have children all the while? No. Unacceptable. They are responsible of those lives they bring into the world.

    I wish people would understand better how and why their dysfunctional behavior can lead to a total shitstorm like you explained above...

  2. That episode of the X-Files always stuck with me as well. It was totally disturbing.

  3. I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW!!!!!

    Such sick shit!!!!


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