Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Favourite Things: SCARVES!!!!!!

Well peeps, summer is over and winter is coming. Although summer scarves can still be worn in winter, I prefer the warmer snuggly type to wrap around my neck. So I decided to show y'all my scarf collection.

All of my summer scarves and bandannas in a multitude of colours.
I decided to donate to Canteen by buying some bandannas. Canteen is for kids with cancer and you can buy stuff to support the cause.

Then there's my winter scarves and matching beanies. These I bought.

These my mum made me!

And my ABSOLUTE FAVE my spot scarf with paw gloves!!!! I found this in a cheap shop, and it's gorgeous. Long, furry and gloves in the shape of paws to slip your hands into. It's long enough to wrap around your neck twice.


  1. ....aaaaand cue jealousy. Seriously! I thought I was envious of your purse collection and then I see your scarves? SO NOT FAIR!

  2. You have a beautiful collection of scarves! Like the last one. Very very much! ;p

  3. Love your collection! The blue-ish one in the upper-right hand corner is calling to me, it's stunning. And those paw gloves are adorable, though I'd probably take it too far and pretend to be an animal.

  4. ooou la la what a fabulous collection!!

    mwah mwah
    Sassy Chica

  5. Thanks all, scarves can be found easily and cheaply from clothing or accessory stores, where I got most of them.

    Nikolett - that blue one has pink flowers all over it and only cost $14.95 from a clothing store.

  6. that final scarf makes me realize you are one of those people that i would laugh at when walking down the street.
    I'm going to guess that you are Asian because only an Asian would wear trash like that.

  7. Anonymous, if you'd read anything about me on this blog, you would find I'm not asian, and it's not trash.

    And as for laughing at me, you're probably the ugliest dog on the block so I'd give you a wide berth.



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