Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Favourite Things: HATS!!!!

Okay, so two weeks ago you got to see my scarves, from summer to winter with the colder months, and so now it's time for my hats. Summer is gone and so the winter hats are out to wear.

My summer hats have been packed away.
But my caps can still be worn.
And of course my sailor and velvet hats will do well. And my two newsboy caps, silver and faux fur.
Can't forget the berets, and some sequins to boot.
And here's the blues. Just need emerald and purple!


  1. I've only just recently started wearing caps.

    I really don't have the right headshape for hats or caps, but I don't care any more.

  2. I love hats! I'm always on the hunt to collect great hats! I love your velvet leopard print hat. So cool!

  3. I love berets! They suit me better than caps. Love your white sailor hat and the silver newsboy hat!


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