Monday, May 31, 2010


So it's the last day of May and it's catchup time. Who's done what, and what's happened from it.

For those reading about it for the first time, the original post can be read here and you can join the Facebook and Myspace groups, just click on the bits in my sidebar.

Well let's see, this month, as every other month, I sent out more submissions for my book, again some have said No, but I'm still waiting on others. I've sent more to the UK too.

Still writing in my journal and looking at my affirmation folder.

Got back into writing to Ellen Degeneres everday on Facebook to join the FB group, but no luck. But if you guys want to join, click here

I'm considering doing a hunk of the month, just to help please the ladies of Bitchfest, so if you've got a gorgeous studly actor, singer, host, etc looking really hot and sexy, let me know here, or send a pic to

Tomorrow will be affirmation day peeps, don't forget to tune in.

Jewels xxoo

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