Friday, May 14, 2010

Does long hair give you confidence? Or is it what's on the inside?

On an Aussie morning show over the weekend, they showed a story about a cancer survivor who lost all of her hair through chemo. She went into remission and her hair started growing back.
She claimed short hair didn't give her confidence.
Since when does long hair give you confidence!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
This woman had short curly hair that was growing out and it looked good. There was nothing wrong with it, except for being thin. Before the cancer she had long curly hair that was clearly the only reason she had confidence.
Me thinks some women have a Samson problem.
He only got his strength from his long hair, and when Delilah cut it off, his strength was gone.
Crock of shit quite frankly. When does long hair give you confidence and since when does having short hair mean there's a problem with you.
That's the excuse I got from her even though she didn't say it. Clearly this woman, like so many, wants to hide behind her hair. She managed to find a hairdresser in Sydney who did a new technique for cancer stricken hair and he gave her long hair cut and styled. However, it looked long, thin and stringy.
So what's the point?
I've had short and long hair in my life, and have found over the years that shoulder length is the best for me. I'm also considering going short again coz it's getting to the point where I've had enough of pain, thinning hair, knots, pulls etc, etc.
But the point of this bitch is, that some women need to rejoice in the fact their hair is growing back. Don't hide behind it, don't whine and whinge because you lose it to cancer and it's no longer long and curly. It's hair, it will grow. Be grateful you've got it back and stop hiding behind it.
Long hair DOES NOT mean confidence. Confidence comes from inside, not from your hair.
I think Samson proved that.
Jewels xxoo


  1. Long hair is SO overrated. I've had short hair for many years and you couldn't believe all the shit people come up with for why I have it short. Main one is "she's a lesbo" even though my hair's stylish and not butch-like lol Short hair can be very feminine if you know how to pull it off. Then again, I always suggest people to work with their face shape and overall appearance, fashion style, etc. before cutting it short. I mean, it's just common sense, really...

    I remember when I had it long and it didn't suit me at all. My hair's thin so it didn't look good no matter what I did with it. And like you said : knots, pulls, etc. And in winter it just SUCKS because it's a bitch putting your scarf on. Shoulder-length is probably the best length because you have just enough variety with hair styles and whatnots.

    Anywho. I do not believe hair gives confidence. It IS within you. Confidence is something you have to find, build, shape, protect, pass it on and it should empower you no matter what! I think too many women believes in the old stereotypes about hair and what makes a woman a woman... which is sad. Why believe in such stupidities when you can believe in yourself!

  2. I layer it every May or so, so I can wear it down through winter without too much hassle. Then it gets tied back for summer and it's a cycle that's neverending.

    I gotta say I feel more feminine with long hair. Although it's swinging around my shoulders at the mo so it's just a nice length for my long face.

    But I am getting sick of a sore scalp when pulling it back. I've been thinking of getting it cut off and turned into a wig, so I can have the choice of short or long.

    If Cher and Dolly Parton can do it, so can Jewels !!!!

  3. Depends on how you look with short hair I suppose. If you look like a little boy, then I can understand how you would lack confidence (especially with men, assuming you're straight). Maybe I'm a little shallow..


  4. Oh my god. I'd just be grateful that I'd beaten cancer and was ALIVE, I wouldn't be moaning about my hair!

    It's strange that you wrote this blog post today though. I'm off to the hairdressers, after having long hair MY WHOLE LIFE, to get a short style. Like you said, I'm sick of it getting tangled, split ends and just taking hours to wash, dry and straighten. I want an easier life and more manageable hair.

    I don't think I'll lose confidence because I have less hair! It might take a while to get used to but I'm sure I'll survive. It's just hair, for god's sake.

    That cancer lady needs to get a grip.

  5. Some people love long hair but I prefer short or mid-length. I think the cancer survivor wants back her long curly hair?

    However I agree with you. Confidence comes from inside. She just needs to suck it up and make the best out of her growing hair!


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