Monday, May 3, 2010


Well peeps, it was our annual night of nights last night, our 52nd TV WEEK LOGIE AWARDS.

It's like the Emmys for you Americans, where our tv stars (hosts, news readers, actors etc) all get together to get pissed off their faces on the free alcohol and win awards for their contribution to Australian tv. Or lack thereof. And as usual the night was insanely boring and insanely long.

We had John Mayer, KD Lang, and Big Bang Theory's Johnny Galecki as our international guests and they all bombed. The only time I remember it being a good year was 2007 when my gorgeously gorgeous husband Michael Weatherly was here. He made the Logies and stole a million and one hearts that night.

But enough about that, I'm here to slam what I thought were the worst outfits of the night.

Actress Claudia Karvan wore a revolting outfit that flashed her boobs on the red carpet and then she said fuck when accepting her award. Well done Claudia!
Morning show host Susie Elelman always wears revolting clothes, she has a desperate need to flash her tits everytime she goes. She's only on the WIN network and that's only shown to regional Australia so not many people actually see her. Thank God!
Here's Jennifer Hawkins, and as you may have read I've mentioned her before. She's a TRIPLE B, BORINGLY BLAND BLONDE, except in this case she's 5 times (whatever the word is) B. BORINGLY BLAND BLONDE BONY BITCH! Sweetheart, when your bones poke through your clothes like that, you're anorexic!
Fuck bitch get a stylist!!!!
Packed to the Rafters starlet, Jessica Marais wore a corset to pull in her already teeny waist, boring hair too.
Home and Away soapie starlet Esther Anderson is gorgeous, but this colour is too pale on her.
Aussie singer Gabriella Cilmi wore this on the red carpet.....ugh!
Bindi and Terri Irwin need to go away. PERIOD!
Mornings with Kerri-Anne host Kerri-Anne Kennerly wore this Alex Perry dress. Normally he makes great dresses, but this one is too tight in the arms and just a bit...what the!
MTV VJ Ruby Rose, she's gay, she's tattooed, she's now got silver hair and she doesn't look good.
So You Think You Can Dance Aussie host Natalie Bassingthwaighte (Nat Bass) is pregnant, great, but the colour's not.
Now here's a weird one. Brynn Gordon is not Australian. She's a 26 year old American fitness instructor who married a former rich playboy doctor from the 80's who ripped off his then wife and got himself jailed. AND he's 40 years older than her. He's not a tv star and didn't turn up, and yet they have turned her into a tv star. They own 2 penthouses (joined together) and a yacht. Except they have no money and so we wonder how they can afford it. And why she became the new Anna Nicole Smith and married what she thought was a rich old fart. She also talks through her nose so she sounds weird.
Biggest Loser trainer, Michelle Bridges. BOOBIE much?
Actress Kat I need to say anything?
Actress and host Georgie Parker, she doesn't really dress up and the hair is plain and boring and apparently she got the dress from the clothing store she does adds for.
Former model Erin McNaught. Hair....awful, dress.....what the fuck is that in the front?
So You Think You Can Dance judge Bonnie Lythgoe, soon to be former wife of Nigel. BLAH!
Tv host, Sonia cream anyone?
Green is good, this dress is not. Soapie starlets don't learn.
Another soapie starlet.....the fake hair, the feathers, the revolting colour.....
Comedian Corine Grant, no shape, no flair, no funny!


  1. I didn't watch the Logies. I never do.

    I don't know what Ruby Rose is thinking with her hair. She looked great with dark hair and has been messing it up by experimenting with it.

  2. Wow! Those people are proof that money can't buy you style! lol

  3. OMG.. the only reason the Luckiest Bogan in the World got an invite is because the event was sponsored by Myer and she is Myer's spokes-bogan. Imagine arriving at a red carpet black tie event in clubwear. What a class act you are Jennifer Hawkins! And we wonder why there's no one to help us at Myer anymore - no one works there anymore! They're too busy linimg that mutt's pockets so she can look like a street walker at the Logies. What a disgrace. You'd think they'd pay to get her hair done too.

    I thought Jessica Marais, Livinia Nixon and Nat Bass looked the best and credit to Claudia Karvan - I loved her outfit but I don't think it loved her.



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