Friday, April 16, 2010

What the fuck is wrong with mothers?????

Oh man, I cannot stand to go food shopping anymore!!!!

Besides the fact it can be seriously boring and completely wears you out, even though clothes shopping doesn't and it's relatively the same, I'm just SOOOOOO OVER IT!!!!!

But it's not just that it takes time to get up, get dressed, get in the car, drive to where you're going, find a carpark, find a trolley, unload your handbag, shopping bags, drink bag, walk in, get your money from the atm, pay the bills, buy envelopes and stamps for manuscripts to send, finally go into the supermarket and then walk around, up and down each aisle filling up your cart with everything you need and then some extras that weren't in the catalogue you got in your mail box and by the time you unload it onto the conveyor belt, load the bags into your trolley then walk out to your car, load the bags into your car then get in and drive home just to unload those bags into the house and then unload them into cupboards and fridges, I can see why people buy their stuff online.

But alas, that's not my problem today. Oh no, my problem is the women who scream at their children to shut up in the LOUDEST of voices and then go on to rant and rave about how ill mannered they are and how they need to "be quiet", "or if you do that one more time", "just wait til we get home", yada, yada, bloody yada, why don't I just save you the trouble and smack the shit out of all of you now because you're turning my shopping trip into hell and I've had enough of you all right now.

And you, you ugly short fat arse cow who yelled at your kids because they kept harping on and on and on, you're an ugly short fat arse cow who should take a good long look in the mirror before you have a go at your children.

Yeah, I got my eye on you and I know where you live.....

well, not really, but did it scare ya, huh?

So, how was your day peeps?

so glad the weekends here again, Jewels xxoo


  1. your description of the effort involved in going shopping just gave me anxiety pains. i actually love grocery shopping. because i love cooking. so i get to think of big plans when im shopping. but im lucky because of my job i can shop when everyone else isnt in the store.

    BUT TODAY.... i went to spotlight (AGAIN) three children were walking around lost. One came up to me because he was freaking out he couldnt find his mum. Then just started screaming MUM MUM MUM walking the aisles. She was at the other end of the shop screaming IM OVER HERE WHERE ARE YOU. But the whole time not leaving what she was looking at, just stood there screaming across the place. So i had him screaming on one side looking for her, then her screaming on the other side. Then the other brats wandering around lost.


  2. Yep, just as bad here, but why the hell don't store assistants DO SOMETHING!!!!


    I tells ya, one a these days.....right in the kisser!!!!

  3. Store assistants dont care, im pretty sure they wear ear plugs.

  4. Hahaha, Alyssa is right. They have enough of their shitty job with shitty pay, there sure won't raise everybody's children on top of it just because said parents are too fucking lazy and ignorant to have a child in the first place.

    I have come to hate shopping all together because of these kinds of situation. Our shopping center is humongous so there's tons of people there and mostly parents that thinks shopping is like a cultural thing to do with their children (ignorants), so often times you'll find yourself being knocked off by a knob with a stroller who wasn't looking in front of her but at the shops, children running everywhere and parents not caring and the usual tantrums, cries and shits. Drives me NUTS! If you can't raise your child so he can behave properly in public places then just leaven him home and pay a goddamn baby sitter or better... CROSS 'EM FUCKING LEGS!!! Then I just love to hear them knobs complaining about how the "kids are so rude, impolite" and yada yada... no wonder when you look at the moronic bitches "raising" them.

    Therefore, even though it makes socializing impossible, shopping online is marvellous!

    *post her comment to then proceed an online check-out*

  5. And that is the reason why I never go food shopping. Lols... Yeah, sure the kids may be a bit annoying but their mom's are much worse. Lols. The kids are just picking up after their noisy moms. She shoulda left them at home or had someone watch them for her.

  6. I feel the exact same way every time I go to walmart. I fucking hate that place. It's like a sea of stupid.

  7. I never felt like this when I go food-shopping but now reading this made me realise how tiresome it can be! every time I go to the supermarket I simply can't remember what I need to buy. I do make lists sometimes but once I reach the supermarket, I forget all about it.

    And it's too loud. Like you said, the mothers who shout at their kids and won't do shit else but ignore them.

    You know what? Let's build our own country where we can ban those kinda individuals! And have lots of naked men serve us anything we want while we lounge by the pool and catch the sun. What say you? ;p


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