Thursday, April 1, 2010

Three annoying little fucked up twats in one day. Happy Easter peeps!!!!

First of all, after clicking on a story about Danni Minogue being ''world's most beautiful'' in Who magazine, I read the comments and came across these by the same twat -

Patrick Rooney of Melbourne Posted at 7:24 AM Today
It looks revolting. pregnant women shoold learn they need to stay hidden till monthes after the baby is born and they are back in shape fit for the public to see!

Patrick Rooney of Melbourne Posted at 7:29 AM Today
Go back oversees Danni you are annoying me with your signing and take your stupid sister Kylie with you.

So of course my reply to him was -

Oh Patrick Rooney of Melbourne you fucked up little twat.
You're so backward I guess when Robin Williams called us rednecks he was really talking about you.
Women don't need to stay hidden and if you think that then you must be muslim, yes, that's the only sought you could be, after all, you want women to cover up.
Fuck you!!!

Of course since my comment was insulting him it more than likely won't be published, but you can see the article here, and leave a message for him too.


Then there's this story -

A disabled four-year-old girl whose disappearance last week sparked an outpouring of sympathy across Mexico was found dead in her own bedroom, and prosecutors said on Wednesday the girl was asphyxiated and her mother is a suspect.

The shocking discovery of the lifeless Paulette Gebara Farah under the mattress of her own bed at her wealthy parents' apartment on the outskirts of Mexico City left prosecutors struggling to explain how multiple searches could have been conducted without the body being found.

Investigators weren't even looking for the girl in the apartment at the time but were searching for suitcases or other family possessions that might have been missing or moved. "There was a presence of odors," Mexico State Attorney General Alberto Bazbaz said of the discovery of the girl's body late on Tuesday.

Still, Bazbaz also said he had talked with the mother in the bedroom where the body was found but had not detected anything. His comment suggested the grisly possibility that the mother, a lawyer, had spoken with authorities and journalists while sitting on the same bed under which the body was found.

Since the girl was reported missing on March 22 by her parents, the family and supporters had scattered images of the girl wearing a princess dress on billboards and flyers across Mexico City, a region where occasional reports of child stealing have created dread among many parents.

The girl had difficulties walking and talking due to an unspecified disability.

Bazbaz said prosecutors initially assumed they were dealing with a case in which the girl had somehow been taken from the luxury apartment building. But he said they became suspicious of the mother, Lisette Farah, after she was overheard telling her other daughter not to talk because the family might be blamed for the disappearance.

Lisette Farah, her husband, Mauricio Gebara, and two nannies had been put under a form of house arrest for questioning on Monday, after authorities said they detected contradictions in their statements to police.

Authorities said on Monday that the four were not suspects. They were being held at a government facility and were not available to comment on the prosecutors' statement on Wednesday.

It was unclear whether the spot where the body was found wrapped in sheets was where the girl died, or whether the body had been moved, authorities said.

While the results of an autopsy are pending, Bazbaz said the girl had "obstruction of the areas where oxygen could enter" but no other signs of violence were immediately found.
The family lives in Huixquilican, an upscale suburb of Mexico City located in Mexico State, which borders the capital.

In previous television interviews, the mother said she had put Paulette to bed in her bedroom the night of March 21. The next morning, one of her nannies reported Paulette wasn't in her room, and investigators found no signs of forced entry to the apartment.
Farah pleaded for her daughter's return at a news conference held outside the apartment building on Sunday night."Please, I'm desperate. Half of my heart has been taken," she said.


Now onto the story I first wrote about here, and now it seems that karma has taken over.

Liver transplant recipient Claire Murray has died in a Singapore hospital. She passed away shortly before midday, Channel 7's Rick Ardon told 6PR.

Murray supporter and Perth doctor George O'Neil, who has been in close contact with the Murray family, confirmed the mother-of-two had been taken off life support this morning. "This morning it looked as though they were taking her off the ventilator and she was in renal failure by 9am," he said. "I think they will declare she will be dead before lunchtime. I have talked to (Ms Murray's family) and they are definitely in grieving mode."

Surgeons spent eight hours operating on Claire late yesterday trying to remove a series of blood clots that formed around her heart. Dr O'Neill said Ms Murray's surgeon told him last night her Singaporean doctors had done all they could.

Dr O'Neill commended Ms Murray and her family for her intensely public and "brave" battle, which has sparked a storm of community debate on organ donation. "I think a lot of people in the community have been interested but not really understood it could mean the death of a young, 25-year-old woman," he said.

Ms Murray is surrounded by her parents, brother, uncle and step-father, but her two children have remained in Perth. With news of her deteriorating condition yesterday, Ms Murray's father Michael Murray flew to Singapore to be at her bedside.

Channel 7's Rick Ardon, quoting a source close to the Murray family, told 6PR the mother-of-two's life support system had been switched off after a difficult operation in Singapore to remove blood clots near her heart.

Ardon said that the surgery had been expected to take four hours but had gone on for eight hours because of complications. He said there were too many blood clots. He said Ms Murray was thought to have only a couple of hours to live.

Ms Murray's surgery has been funded by a $250,000 loan from the State Government which her family must repay over the next two years.

Health Minister Kim Hames offered the loan after doctors in Perth refused her a donor liver transplant because the recovering heroin addict relapsed soon after her first transplant last year.Ms Murray's aunt donated part of her liver.

Now, do you see where being selfish gets you.

Food for thought.

Jewels xxoo

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  1. "I think a lot of people in the community have been interested but not really understood it could mean the death of a young, 25-year-old woman"

    Awww, c'mon, you fucking fuck-up fucks!!! What about the lives that ended because the organ was first passed to her?! What about those? Did the family understood that when they didn't offer to see if they could be donors?! I tell you, some people make me so mad!!! And why not make a serious commitment to stop being a junkie, what about that too.


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