Monday, April 5, 2010

My Favourite Things: Scott Pape, who seems to be driving me out of my mind!!!!!!

Well peeps, it's a sad day when you find out the person you have a massive crush on is seeing someone.

And it's not me.

That stabbing feeling in your heart and the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that tells you maybe you have taken this crush too far, and that it's now beyond being a crush, and you're feeling like a joke in your own mind because you allowed yourself to fall for a guy you haven't even met in the flesh. And so this blog is more about guys you've crushed on from afar who don't know how you feel and yet you feel it anyway and have no idea why.

I've been having bizarre dreams about meeting him at weddings the last few nights, but that could be down to seeing his new show on channel 10 on Saturday. So he's in my head.

The first dream, my brother in law introduced us, although that changed to he introduced me to someone else but my eyes locked onto Scott and I completely ignored the guy my brother in law was hoping to introduce me to.

The second was that I was invited to a wedding and ran into him when he was booking in. We hooked up and sex ensued.

The weddings were the same and at the same place, it's just the scenarios changed slightly.

Weird, huh?

These weren't dreams my mind was trying to fall asleep to, they were the ones we have during r.e.m state, when you do dream. That's when all the stuff in your head comes flying forth as your brain tries to sort it out.

It's also when your gaurdian angels, guides and helpers try getting messages through to you.

Is there a message there somewhere?????????

Scott's website has been revamped (click here) and he now has a segment called Tribe Talk, (click here to see and hear the man who almost broke my heart) the show seems to have been done last month and he had to mention "the girl I'm seeing at the moment is off shopping."

He used the word GIRL!!!

He also used the words "seeing at the moment".

Now at these words, I take heart. As guys, since he's not yet a man, don't use the term girlfriend / partner unless they're serious and dating. So, clearly, he's just "seeing her at the moment" because he didn't use any other terminology, so that means he's not serious about her.


Unfortunately, I think "girls" are his downfall. The guy is 32, turning 33 this year and he continues to date "girls". Although I don't think he's dated for a while, he's done nothing but date "girls" throughout his whole life, and he seems stuck in the whole, must date a female in their 20's. When he should be telling himself, "I really want and need a mature, well put together woman in her 30's who is ready to be my better half, my wife, my life partner and make my house a home for me and our future midgets who she will nurture and take care of and raise to be decent human beings we will both be extremely proud of."

But alas, he does not.

I think he has the whole "HERO" complex going on. He needs to be older than the girls he dates so he can come into their lives when they're young and nubile and save them from their financial woes and be the big hero. Although he's admitted to playing dumb when they start asking about finances, he doesn't seem to mind riding in and saving them.

But their problem is, they think it means he's going to propose and they'll get married. Except in their words, he's a commitment phobe and doesn't bother much around the house.

He may as well stay single and play with his dog all day.

And so, once again, I felt he had broken my heart.

But that was yesterday when I first heard the video, and after thinking about it all day and night, I'm not worried. He used the term "girl I'm seeing at the moment" so I know I don't need to worry about anything. He's not serious about her and considering his past dating life, he won't be.

After all, he doesn't know I exist, but he will, once my book is published, he will hear of Jewels Diva, and he will see what he is missing out on, and he will learn the lesson of only believing he should and needs to date "females in their 20's". Yes peeps, he will learn to not screw around with Jewels's heart and mind, although he can screw around with my body, but he will see who he should be getting his hands on and it ain't "females in their 20's".

He WILL feel the wrath of Jewels.

In the bedroom of course!!!!!

Jewels xxoo


  1. Ummmm... yeah...

    Good luck with all of that...

  2. Oh my! You really like this guy!

    Good luck! ;p

  3. Scoman - I know, I'm obsessed.

    Johana - thanks.

    Is it bad to say I happen to know his car's number plate????

  4. Don't worry
    about pape he is real nasty person i know some one who went out with him and they said he is a real horrible human beign you are better off without him
    take my advice

  5. Anonymous - maybe your friend just wasn't right for him, and could've been a total bitch herself!

    Did she ever think about that!!!!

    I find that with some "girls", they think that because they want a relationship and marriage that it's "expected" and get shitty when it doesn't happen.

  6. Jewels Diva there is no way in hell pape will ever go out with you. 1. You sound like a stalker
    2 he is to raped up in himself . 3 you might sound like a dog but your not a golden retreiver

    move on sweetheart he will never go out with you

  7. Let me guess...this blog is a joke!?!? You are either on dilusional crazy bitch or your are on scotts payroll. So what's the answer jewels??

  8. My bad...I mean ONE crazy dilusional bitch

  9. Wow, so many anons leaving dumb arse messages.

    Lize, your spelling is atrocious, that would be wrapped sweetheart, not raped, and no, I'm not a stalker or a dog, although you clearly know Scott personally as you know what breed his dog is. Maybe you're the one he rejected and so speak from personal experience. And since you don't know me personally and have no fucking idea what I'm like, then you don't know if he would or wouldn't go out with me.

    I really wish every anonymous who leaves a message would spell check before hitting post comment.

  10. Come on Ladies....Scott's gay. How retarded to you have to be!

  11. He's not gay so for fuck's sake people stop being retarded yourselves.

  12. i know someone who works on his show. Do you want to come on and ask him a question?

  13. Ask him a question about what? I know all I need to know for now.

  14. yes but you can come into the studio and meet him

    do you live in sydney?

  15. This is hilarious! As someone who is closely related to Scott (and who recognises the name of his very serious, mature ex-partner of 5 years) this is great! heheheeeeeeeee

    My gaydar is pretty good, and no, he's not.

  16. Well anon, I find your comment hilarious and clearly the ex partner has to be lize since that's the only one who left a name for you to recognise but she can't be too mature and serious.

    How closely are you related out of curiosity?

    Anyhoo, I moved on. The crush is over and who cares, not me!

  17. Well he got married yesterday so ce la vie!

  18. Please, my crush was over about 6 months after it started and I posted this waaayyyyyy back in April 2010, I moved on, so why comment. Could not give a shit.


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