Monday, April 12, 2010

A letter, a bitch and thousands of illegal boat people that really need to FUCK OFF!!

Today I was going to bitch about broadband and how after choosing a faster plan I still can't watch a youtube video without it stopping and giving me the shits. Or I could've bitched about how people keep leaving replies to an old Claire Murray post and they can be quite vulgar.

But then I checked my yahoomail and found this email from a friend who knows my stance when it comes to foreigners coming here illegally -

I just read this:

Asylum seekers on hunger strike over Kevin Rudd's tough stance - From: AAP - April 12, 2010 12:24AM

A GROUP of Sri Lankan and Afghan asylum seekers at a Sydney detention centre have begun a hunger strike over the Federal Government's toughened policy on claims.

About 50 men, who arrived at Villawood Detention Centre from Christmas Island last month, began their protest at 5pm yesterday, Jamal Daoud of the Social Justice Network said.
Many of the group, which also includes Iraqis, are mentally unstable and plan to lodge appeals after their claims for asylum were rejected, Mr Daoud said.
But they now fear a massive delay after the Government's decision to suspend the processing of all new refugee claims by Sri Lankans and Afghanis, he said. "The process for appeals is very slow, and they think it could take years now," Mr Daoud told AAP. "This is affecting them very badly ... they are insisting they can't go back to Afghanistan because it's very dangerous. "There is a big chance they will be killed."
Mr Daoud says the men are refusing to eat until their appeals are set in motion. They are also demanding to meet with Immigration Minister Chris Evans.
A Department of Immigration and Citizenship spokesman confirmed that about 30 detainees at Villawood were involved in a "peaceful protest", but said their reasons were unclear. He also said there was no information on the nationalities of those taking part.
"The staff at the detention centre are aware of it," the spokesman told AAP. "There are very limited details at this stage as to what its about."
The Federal Government last week announced it would suspended processing new claims by Sri Lankans and Afghans, who comprise 80 per cent of all boat arrivals, for three and six months respectively.
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd defended the move, saying the introduction of the unprecedented policy was based on information concerning changing security circumstances in both countries.

It has made me incredibly mad. Here these people are finding safety in our country, UNINVITED... and then they are having a bitch that it's taking too long for them to be processed.
You can't just rock up at a red carpet event uninvited and expect to be let right in, you have to wait, be checked, see if you should be allowed in or not. Same shit with getting into a fucking country.
So they stop eating? Wow how fucking clever. I'm sure they were not eating much when they were in which every country they were in previously so them not eating really isn't going to affect them very much. and why would the government let people in that are throwing a hissy fit. These are clearly the people you are going to see at centrelink every week having a bitch that their payment is late.
If you prove you are a fucking whingy trouble maker YOU ARE NOT COMING THE FUCK IN.
I would say I wish they would starve to death but I know that would just cause more drama than what its worth. But honestly who do they think they are to just come here demanding shit and thinking they know better than everyone else. If you know so well then why dont you go and play the "I'm going to starve myself" game in your own fucking country, maybe your government will care... oh they won't? Funny that. FUCK OFF NO ONE CARES.

end rant.

And I feel exactly the same and have said so before. Scour my blog and you'll find these things under ''things that piss me off'' or'' knobs that need to piss off''. I don't mind people coming here LEGALLY, although that list defeinitely needs to be culled, but when you want to jump the fucking queue then you can fuck off.

But you all say, ''well you have the room, it's a big country''. We may be a big country, but as the experts have been saying lately, WE DON'T HAVE THE RESOURCES TO LOOK AFTER 36 MILLION FUCKING PEOPLE.

We barely have the resources to help the 22 million already here.

So yeah, to all the illegal refos coming here, FUCK OFF. I don't give a shit what's happening in your country, you sure as hell wouldn't help us if we all had to flee Australia.

Jewels xxoo


  1. also. are they put through the same testing criteria that LEGAL immigrants are. like having to know Australian history... oh and i dont know... THE LANGUAGE? or are they just given a free right of way?

  2. Well there's supposed to be a law that when you LEGALLY migrate to this country you are SUPPOSED to speak English, HOWEVER, they let people in who don't!!!!

    So no, I don't think they have the same testing criteria at all.

    How many times have you walked through your local shopping centre and seen black people getting their pensions and child allowance out of the atm.

    I see them EVERYTIME I go out. And we ALL know what they do and get. They get a FREE FUCKING RIDE because of our dumb arse leader, Kevin fucking Dudd!!!

  3. Gah. I'm surprised the US hasn't stepped in with money they don't have.

  4. Your point regarding them threatening to starve themselves in their own country was gold! I think it's great news. Less tax payers dollars being wasted on those oxygen thieves if they're not eating our food.

  5. oh i love that people leave anonymous comments... its so elusive.

  6. Look up the United Nations Convention on Human Rights.

  7. We don't take our share of refugees, and I have no problem with them coming here. If it was my country, I'd want to get the hell out too.

    And they don't have the resources or the time to safely pursue the legal avenues.

    You want to stop population growth?

    How many teenagers are getting knocked up every year just to get their whoreish hands on the baby bonus?

    How many European backpackers come here and overstay their visas?

    It's a lot more than the handful of refugees we take in, and Kevin Rudd's new policy to win the "redneck vote" doesn't make us look good on the world stage - especially after the whole "Alabama" thing.

  8. I AM an "Alabama Thing", and this is my kinda post !!!

    America is going to go to SHIT if this activity isn't STOPPED.

  9. Fuck the lot of them, let he pricks starve and those fucking so called soft cock living in fairyland 'Refugee Advocates', the can fuck off to ----fucking parasites


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