Monday, April 19, 2010

Kmart, Scott Pape, and some shit goin down!!!! All makes for a screwed up first day of the week!

Aw man, so much to bitch about but I can't reveal too much detail.

First off, I'm finding it all rather hilarious how Scott Pape's ex's or rejects are coming out of the woodwork to have a go at me on my last post about him, read it all here

Although I gotta say, after a very shitty morning it has actually made me feel better so please leave a comment on my last Scott post and let's see how far we can keep this ball rolling since the whole Claire Murray reply saga seems to have come to an end, read those comments here

So now that I'm feeling better I will have a bitch about Kmart. God love them, they try to have a fancy store filled with cheap products but somehow they still screw up.

Last Friday I booked my car in for a tune up and check over and was told Monday 10:30. Well that was today and so I hauled myself out of bed, got dressed and drove around the corner to my local Kmart.


I ended up arguing with the guy over the time and day because he told me I was booked in for Wednesday at 10:30 and I vehemently told him they had booked me in for today.

So what's the point in arguing? There is none as I was already pissed off over some legal papers I had received in the mail this morning, so, so far, not a good day for me.

So I did some shopping, and came home to find more dumb arse anonymous replies on Scott's post. Thanks for making my day and brightening it up. I now look forward to more replies and if there's going to be a battle, Jewels is going down fighting.

And I WILL WIN!!!!!

Jewels xxoo


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