Thursday, April 8, 2010

Claire Murray, the bitch who wanted another liver because she screwed up by going back to drugs. Part 2!

It seems that a bitch I had last month is still getting replies. My opinion on Claire Murry - read the original story here has continued to get Anonymous replies from all over.

Some have been stupid, some have been mature. And what the hell a pineapple has to do with it I don't know.

She has now died - read the story here it's at the end of that bitch. But for some reason knobs are insisting on having a go on the old post.

Move on people, I did. She's dead and it's her own fault. She was given a second chance and screwed it up and now her aunt is living without part of her liver and the family is bitching about whether to pay back the $250,000 loan of tax payers money that the West Australian Government lent them.

Pay it back.

It doesn't stop being a loan because the patient died of her own stupidity.

Jewels xxoo


  1. bahahahahahhhahahaa omg i am dying of laughter. they are the funniest comments i have ever read.

    so her moronic friends are trolling blogs sticking up for her in a half ass attempt at the english language.

    she is dead. she learnt her lesson, and hopefully other morons will learn it to.

    and her family better pay the money back, why should Australia lose out on that money because she was drug fucked.

    Feel sorry for her parents though, it would suck having such a screwed up kid and still having to deal with drama when they die.

    Oh and their kids are always going to be known as the kids with the selfish drug fucked mum.

    so she has really messed up alot of peoples lives. go her.

  2. Her mother thought she was a perfect angel who didn't do anything wrong.

    And I had to remove a massive amount of replies because they just got too vulgar.

  3. At least it's driving more traffic to your blog. Too bad they are such asshats.

  4. Tracie, it may be driving more traffic, but they're only stopping at the one post and not the rest of the blog!

    And the comments roll on at the original post.....I may as well just let it run coz clearly no one's listening to me.

    Should I delete the post?

  5. Stupidity is endless, isn't it?! Incredible what these people can come up with!


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