Thursday, March 11, 2010

The world is full of shit people, but is anyone doing anything about it?

The world is full of sick puppies peeps, but who the hell is out there fixing this? Someone, judges, Presidents, Prime Ministers need to pull their heads out of their arses and do something. Get rid of guns, bring back the death sentence as punishment for murderers, rapists etc, I DON'T CARE WHAT!!!! JUST DO SOMETHING YOU FUCKERS!!!!! AND STOP PASSING THE BUCK OFF ONTO SOMEONE ELSE!!!!!

here's some stories from this week.


Toddler, 3, shoots herself after thinking hangun was Wii control

A TODDLER has accidentally killed herself after mistaking her stepfather's handgun for a Nintendo Wii control.

Cheyenne Alexis McKeehan, 3, shot herself in the stomach with the .380 caliber, semi-automatic weapon after finding it lying on a table in the living room. Her mother was sitting at the computer just metres away while her three-month-old brother was also lying nearby.

Investigators today said the child had probably mistaken the weapon for a Wii control, the Daily Mail reports. Her mother Tina Ann Cronberger, 32, told them Cheyenne loved playing on the games console for days at a time.Wilson County Sheriff Terry Ashe displayed two guns taken from the home - one the Wii controller and the other the handgun which killed Cheyenne. "You can see by the comparison of the toy weapon and the real weapon that there's little chance a three-year-old would differentiate between the two," he said."If you have a live handgun with a toy that looks the same - for parents some bells and whistles need to go off." Right now it's a terrible tragedy investigation."

The horrific events unfolded in Lebanon, Tennessee, this week after Cheynne's stepfather Douglas Cronberger, 32, heard a prowler outside the property. He fetched his gun, which he usually kept unloaded in a cabinet, and went to investigate. After failing to find anyone, he left the gun in the living room and went to bed. Cheyenne short herself a short time later. She was taken to hospital but pronounced dead on arrival. There has been no decision if any charges will be filed against the child's parents at this stage.


Gurshan 'knocked out by opening door'

The father of the man accused of killing Indian toddler, Gurshan Singh, has claimed the death was an "innocent mistake".

Gursewak Dhillon, 23, has been charged with criminal negligence and manslaughter over the death of the three-year-old, who was found on a roadside in Melbourne last Thursday.

Police allege the part-time taxi driver put the unconscious child in the boot of his car and drove him around for at least three hours before dumping him.

The father of the accused, Pragat Singh Dhillon, has told the Indian media that his son detailed the death in a telephone conversation three days ago. "Gursewak told me that as he opened the main door to his residence in Melbourne, which he shared with 12 others, including parents of Gurshan, he hit the boy. He said he could not see from outside that Gurshan was standing next to the door, and the child got hit and fell unconscious," he told the Indian Express newspaper. Gursewak reportedly told his father he shook Gurshan to try to wake him up, but the child didn't respond.

"He then called out to Gurshan's mother, who was taking a bath, and his own wife, Simrat Kaur, who was in the kitchen at the time, but both couldn't hear his calls. He then put the child in his car to take him to hospital," he told the Indian Express. "He then put the child in his car to take him to hospital."

When his car had run out of petrol, the accused reportedly dumped the body out of fear of being charged with murder. The case has been adjourned till June 29, with the prosecution seeking extra time to prepare evidence against Gursewak.

He has been remanded in custody amid concerns that he posed an unacceptable flight risk and could also tamper with witnesses in the case.Although Gursewak lived in the same house as Gurshan, he is not a relative.


Care failings allowed 'British Fritzl' to get daughters pregnant 18 times

A man raped his two daughters and fathered nine babies with them during 35 years of physical and sexual abuse. And he escaped detection because care professionals missed numerous chances to intervene.

Agencies involved with the family repeatedly failed to take action even though the father was accused of incest on seven separate occasions, with a further 12 reported incidents of violence. Today authorities issued an unreserved apology to the abused women.

The 57-year-old man, from Sheffield, England, was jailed for life in November 2008 after one of his daughters accused him of incest. The man, who cannot be named, admitted 25 rapes and four indecent assaults, with the attacks beginning in 1980. If his daughters refused his advances, they would be punched, kicked and sometimes held in the flames of a gas fire.

The case echoes of that of Josef Fritzl, the Austrian who imprisoned and raped his daughter. Between 1975 and 2008 the family came into contact with 28 different agencies and more than 100 professionals.

A review of the case made 128 recommendations for improving understanding, practice, procedures and training into intra-familial abuse. However, no staff were sacked or disciplined as the case was seen to be a "collective failure".

Chris Cook, the independent chairman of the Lincolnshire and Sheffield safeguarding children board, said: "We are genuinely sorry. We should have protected you. This is a tragic and complicated case. The man responsible, who intimidated and frightened his family, was convicted of multiple counts of rape and is serving a life sentence."

The case review showed that the family moved home 67 times over a 35-year period so that the father could avoid detection. The women's brother voiced anger that his sisters had not been protected, saying: "I blame a lot of people," he said."I blame people that were meant to be looking after children because we were all meant to be under child protection at five, so I blame the people that should have been doing their jobs looking after us," he said.


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