Friday, March 26, 2010

Why are some men hairier than others?????

I get that it's all genes and chromosomes and hormones, and even some women have more hair than others, but as we know, men suffer more because of male hormones and testosterone.
However, that obviously means some men don't have any of those.
For example -

Blonds: Are generally hair free. Just the stuff on their heads, (yes, I mean both), maybe some vague facial hair when they're trying to grow a beard, but as for chest hair. Nope, never seen a blond with body hair.
Red heads: Also known as Rangas, Gingers and bloody ugly, (Ron Weasly). Although if the hair is a dark auburn brunette red then they can be quite attractive, like Michael T Weiss from the Pretender and Eric Stoltz from Memphis Belle and Chicago Hope. Redheads don't seem to have much body hair either. And what facial hair they do grow tends to be bright ranga red.
Brunettes: Ah, my gorgeously gorgeous husband is the most gorgeous brunette. Along with Carmine of course, but it can be a mass difference amongst brown haired menfolk. They can be rather hairless, (Carmine, even though he's half Italian has not much body hair at all), or have just the right amount of body hair for me to rub my face in. Michael Weatherly has the perfect chest nest of course. Then there's those that have quite a large amount of body hair and you wonder if they're descended from apes.
Blackheads: I know, also know as really dark brown or black haired people. Generally of the middle eastern variety, Italian, Greek, Arabs, Egyptians, Spanish etc, and we all know they can be covered from head to toe, or not much at all.
Then of course there's races of people. Caucasian, which covers most of above, Asian, who aren't hairy either, Blacks, I haven't seen a hairy one of them ever, Middle Eastern, well you know.
So I guess it not only comes down to genes and testosterone, but what race you are as well.Either way boys, if ya look and feel like an ape, get a wax. And if ya got nothing at all, try and get some just so you can please me.
a perfect chest nest lovin Jewels xxoo

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  1. I've never thought about it but now after reading your post it got me thinking too. Plus, I've seen hairy black men. It's quite common where I'm at. Some look good with it and some don't.

    Personally, I don't like hairy men.


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