Monday, March 8, 2010


Okay peeps, if you've read the post below this from last Friday, you'd see that I have a crush on some guy called Scott Pape, aka,The Barefoot Investor, and that as of last week, he has blocked me on Twitter from receiving his tweets.

As of today, I'm still blocked.

And he blocked me for this message -

March 3rd - @scottpape - just saw you on The Circle, first time I've bothered watching the show, just for you! at least you survived those four gals!!!!

Now, I was annoyed for hours, but more on that later, and I thought I had only tweeted him twice, but the more I thought about it, I thought it was more. Turns out I was right.




So I went to my profile page on Twitter and scoured my tweets to find the truth, and here are my tweets about/to Scott Pape -

Feb 5th - @scottpape - if only you'd mentioned 5:50 was Melbourne time, not Brissie time. Didn't calculate the time zones,only caught the last minute!

Jan 25th - @7pmproject - Australia's national dish should be Scott Pape,all smothered in delicious chocolate sauce & sprinkles.I'd eat him EVERY NIGHT!

Jan 19th - @7pmproject - OHHHHHH 7pm....Scott was STILL only on for 4 minutes last night. No fair, get him on for longer!!!!

Jan 18th - @7pmproject- who knows hot male flesh when I see it. Scott's got it and I want it!
Jan 18th - @7pmproject - you WILL let Scott know how I feel, right! I need more than 4 mins every week! No, I'm not a stalker, I'm a hot blooded chic

Jan 18th - @7pmproject- If you can have Todd Sampson on for a whole show every week then you can damn well get Scott Pape on for a whole show too!DROOL
Jan 18th - @7pmproject - I will spam you til I know SCOTT PAPE'S gonna be on for longer than 4 minutes! ..drool

Jan 18th - @7pmproject- figured out that you need to get Scott Pape on for longer than 4 minutes yet? I NEED TO DROOL PEOPLES!!!!! MORE SCOTT PAPE!!!!!

Jan 18th - @7pmproject - GET SCOTT PAPE ON FOR THE WHOLE SHOW!!!!! I need to drool over him & 4 minutes DOES NOT do the trick. Do I need to spam you?

Jan 18th - @scottpape - could you be on for longer than 4 minutes! I need more time to drool over you. And why aren't you on for a whole show??????????

As you will see from the last tweet, I first tweeted him on Jan 18th of this year. We also became ''friends'' on Facebook between Dec 30th 2009 and Jan 4th 2010, and since then I have commented on his status a few times, and even commented on the pics of his dog, Buffet.

And yes, I did spam the 7pm Project to have him on more, but since Scott never followed me, then it didn't matter.


I HAVE NEVER spammed him, said vulgar things, sworn, insulted, demeaned, sent rude messages or even messaged him at all. And yet he still felt the need to block me. I'm just waiting for him to ''unfriend me'' on Facebook. And send me an email telling me to remove him from my ''CHARITIES & LOVE STUFF page.

And so all of that leads me to my post and my problem, and if you guys have had the same thing happen to you.

I have no idea why he felt the need to do it, and it highly annoyed me for the rest of Friday, and Friday night. In fact, it annoyed me so much that I actually cried over it that night and woke up with big puffy eyes on Saturday.

''WHAT THE FUCKED DID YOU DO THAT FOR???????????'' I hear you cry.

''WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU??????????????'' you add.

I get it, I really do. I spent all weekend writing this post in my head. What I'd say about him, if I'd even write a letter to him asking, and asking myself why I was wasting my time and energy crying at what he'd done.

And I came up with two reasons.

1 - When I get a crush on a guy, I become emotionally invested in that crush.

I have no idea why, but my mind and body chemicals get so involved with the guy I'm crushing on that even finding out they have a girlfriend or wife can make me depressed.

Now I will clarify, that this DOES NOT happen with every guy I get a crush on so you don't need to tell me I'm a moron. I know I am.

As you all know, I'm insane about Michael Weatherly, and when I found out he was engaged two years ago, I became depressed for a good few weeks until my bio chemicals dealt with it and I slowly got back to normal. It took quite awhile.


I KNOW!!!!

I have no idea why I'm like this but that's what happens with some guys. NOT ALL.

But Friday night, I cried over Scott Pape.

I've never met the guy, I've never talked to the guy, I've certainly never said a bad word about him and yet he blocked me and it hurt.

Yes Scott Pape, you hurt me!!!!

Reason 2 - I never understand why people don't like me and end up doing things to me.

I think this happens to a lot of people and stems from childhood. We all want to be liked and when someone doesn't like us we don't understand why because we haven't done anything to them. And yet they spread rumours about us, ignore us, don't say anything to us unless it's mean, they try and make other people not like us as well, and you know the usual shit.

And so we end up with problem that lasts into our adulthood until our minds know we are old enough to let it go and move on.

I get that, I do. And I don't give a crap about most people and their opinions. But there are always some people in our lives, family, friends etc, whose opinions DO matter, and we desperately need them to validate us in some way, shape or form.

We should be validating ourselves, and shouldn't need someone else to, but it seems to be a human condition.

And so, to wind up this blog, I'm going to comment on some of the replies left on the last post.

Cyn, you said - ''Just wait 'till YOU get famous and block him on Twitter. Payback time, sucka.''

And bizarrely enough, all weekend I thought of this exact thing. When my book comes out and I'm living the highlife with Bitchfest! Radio, and he comes a calling I'll be saying - ''And why should I grant you an interview Mr.Pape after what you did to me.''

And I'll just leave him hanging, becoming insanely frustrated because he doesn't remember what he did to me and doesn't understand.

Al, you said - ''dont worry, his pr team will see this post. it will show up in google alerts. then they will kick him in the shins for being such a douche.''

He's managed by IMG and he runs his own business.

And so here we are, my eyes are no longer puffy, my tears no longer flow, my emotions are under control and I think he's forgotten that his tweets pop up on his Facebook page, or that you can click the ''find people'' tab at the top of the Twitter page and look for him, find him, and still read his tweets.

I'm not saying goodbye just yet Scott Pape. But if you screw me over, you'll be hearing from me.

So everyone, leave your replies about the douche bag you've had a crush on, or the person who screwed you over for no reason, even if you've never met them, or spoken to them, but have communicated online only, it doesn't matter. There's always someone!

And for Scott Pape, and that certain someone all of you at home don't like, here's a little song for you.

Jewels xxoo


  1. Hardly a stalker, after all, when you tell people to head over to Facebook and Twitter to follow them, then that's what you damn well do.

    I forgot to mention I also joined his website and received an email which also told me to follow him at Twitter.

    You forgot to tell a story about a douche bag in your life Al.

  2. you flooded 7pm with stalker messages about him.
    they discuss stuff like that!!

    Why not email him and ask why. confront him.

    hmm my douche......... Oh last year i had a crush on code name:GD(ex weather person on sunrise)
    first time i met him he was ever so lovely.
    second time, semi ok but started getting a little "im a celebrity"
    third time was early morning and said celebrity turned up late, whinged that it was early, refused to take sunglasses off inside. insulted his gf on air then once off air had to rush home to apologise.
    fourth i just avoided him.

  3. Awww what a douche! I just don't get why he would block you just like that. You didn't say anything mean about him.

  4. scott @

  5. Sounds like a bit of a douche. Is it really much of a loss? I got suspended multiple times from Nick's Collingwood Bulletin Board for refraining from mentioning a permanently banned members name even though I was told to refrain from mentioning said dickhead's name to avoid being suspended. Go figure. Some people are just very sad and lonely and the only time they feel that they have any power is when they sit behind a keyboard and they just abuse that power because it's the only form of influence they have.. I just laugh and do what I want anyway. So suspend me again, douche. What am I gonna do? Slit my wrists? Pfft...


  6. Well peeps, I have no idea if this got back to him but on Twitter he claims that one of his ''guys'' had blocked quite a few followers by using a third party app, it would now appear that he's follwing me, I'M ON HIS TOP ROW, which he didn't before and now I'm following him again.



  7. Wow wow wow. so now he's following you ha. yipeeee! so happy for ya. hehehehe.

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHA! He was afraid to not make it on your A-List when you have fabulous and lavish parties at your mansion!!! Your gorgeously gorgeous husband should put him back to his place, if you know what I mean... muhahaha! LOL


    I'm still pissing myself laughing!

  10. LMAO! He'll be barefoot alright.... LOL


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