Monday, March 29, 2010

People who have a need to kill themselves to prove something.

Last Friday night was an episode of Biggest Loser (Aus) and they were in New Zealand and had to jump off the country's biggest tower, and it got me thinking about all the shows and all the people who think they need to throw themselves off a frigging tower, or climb a mountain, or fall out of a plane at 50 thousand feet.


And that's what I SERIOUSLY don't get.

They all claim it's to prove something, but what the fuck are you proving?

I don't believe you need to put your life in danger to prove something, regardless of what it is.

People claim a lot of things, ''I need to prove I still have guts'', ''I need to prove I'm still a man'', ''I need to prove that I can still do things even though I'm in a wheelchair''.

I'll say again, you don't need to put your life in danger to prove anything. And if you think you have to, then you more than likey don't have anything to prove in the first place. If you think you should leave your wife or husband partnerless and your children mother or fatherless then go ahead and be a knob.

Throw yourself off that mountain or out of that plane, or drag yourself up to the top of Mt Everest and freeze to death, go right ahead, be a moron, kill yourself and leave your family, just don't come crying about how you didn't think anything was going to happen, and how you convinced yourself that is was safe and you'd be alright, go right ahead.

Let me tell you people, you don't have to try and kill yourself to try and prove anything, just live your life the best way you know how and if it isn't as good as it could be then change it, but for Christ's sake, don't go killing yourself to do it.

Jewels xxoo


  1. when its on tv its for ratings. no one would watch the biggest loser if they were not made to do insane shit.

    irl. who knows. i think i would have a heart attack if i had to jump out of a plane or off a building. But then it would be pretty amazing once it was over to know you did it.

    So i guess its the thrill.

  2. It's like people on Dancing With The Stars saying they are doing it for the grand-parents and whatnot. BULLSHIT! You like the pay check and that's it.

    I too don't think people need to risk their lives to make a point about whatever problems they have in their life. If they wanted to have the feeling of achieving something concrete, they'll take actions upon the problems... because climbing a fucking rock won't solve/prove anything indeed! I have a hard time believing their doing all that shit for noble purpose. It doesn't make sense. You go on Mont Everest or jump off a plane for the fun and thrill. Y'know crazy stuff that's on your bucket list? lol


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