Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Favourite Things: PERFUME!!!!

So today, finally, you get my fave perfume of the moment.

My type is the citrus variety.
Sometimes with a touch of spice added.
As in Burberry Brit. A few years back they bought out Burberry Gold and it was amazing, but it only lasted a short while in the stores. But the normal Burberry is delicious!!!!
And then Innoxa bought back Gingham perfume last year. I was introduced to this about 18 years ago and loved it from then. But it disappeared and is now back. It's similar to Burberry and has a very nice smell.
But I'm currently using Reflections by Revlon, and I bought this pack last December as my xmas present. The whole set was $40, which is the price of the perfume on it's own if you buy it all seperately. So it was a real bargain. Body lotion, perfume, body spray and a gorgeous coral nailpolish. Very nice. I layer it up every time I go out and it lasts all day.


  1. My favorite perfumes are CK (both men and women! ;p), Burberry and D&G!

    I prefer using men's perfumes. Hehehehe...

  2. Some men's perfumes are just as nice as womens.

    I love Old Spice and Brut for men, or anything spicy. Smells even better on men though!!!


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