Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Favourite Things: MAKE UP!!!!!

So this week my fav things is make up so I thought I'd show you mine!

Last year I decided to get healthier make up for my skin, so getting away from the normal compact powder, which contains talcum powder, I decided to try mineral make up and got me some Maybelline powder foundation with cute little brush, and mineral cover up.
I bought two nifty little containers of eyeshadows -
And inside -
Coloured mascaras and eyeliners, of which I also bought a neon pink and turquoise blue last Sunday when I went shopping -
And of course black mascara, I heard this was the best for it's price range, unfortunately my lashes seemed to have thinned so sometimes they can look like spidey legs! -
Lipsticks in shades of red and pink, the two on the right are loreal that I got for $5 each! -
And last but not least, one must have nail polish in all colours -
Jewels xxoo


  1. Oh love me some makeup, especially L'oreal products ;)

  2. Nice collection! I'm thinking of starting my own and switch to minerals.

  3. If only my entire makeup could fit in tiny pictures LOL It's incredible. It's like the only thing I own is purse, makeup and books. Oh yeah, shoes.

    Recently, I am very fond of NYX Cosmetics. VERY affordable, good quality and cute, cute cuuuuute colors!!! Love it!

    For foundation, I'm still stuck with Maybelline Mousse. I have yet to try their Mousse blush too... and this week-end I bought LashBlast Luxe from CG and it's total love. Works just as good as LashBlast Volume but with glitters! I also bought ShadowBlast because I was curious and works fine. Very quick way to make smokey eyes lol

    Seriously, I could blow my bank account on makeup products.... it's horrible... LOL

  4. everything is so multi coloured!! im boring and stick to the browns, pinks and peaches.


  5. Yep, I loves me some multi coloured make up!


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