Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Favourite Things: BEAUTY PRODUCTS!!!!

Okay peeps, today's fav things are beauty products. These are the things I use every day and seem to have a good time with, as in, they do their job.

I've tried heaps of conditioners, and while some do nothing, I need a detangler, and this seems to do the trick. Fructis reinforced active fruit concentrate for dull, dry and stressed out hair. My hair only gets a knot every now and then and it's left soft and silky.
My current fav body wash is Lux Glamourazzi with citrus oils and gentle loofah beads. I love ANYTHING citrus!!!!
I have combination skin and cannot use gel washes so I found this one, Clearasil blackhead control, and no, I don't have any but the sea salt adds to the loofahing of your skin with the blue beady bobs for exfoliation. So I always feel soft and silky and clean!
I did use matching toner, but I can't seem to find it anymore and so discovered Biore Triple action toner. It's witch hazel with salicylic acid which helps dry pimples, but it smells really nice and helps keep your skin clear. If I'm not wearing make up during the day, I'll wipe my face over with this and feel nice and clean again.
One must moisterise and I found Nivea oil free moisterising fluid. Since I can get oily, this is great for my skin. It's light and oil free and doesn't leave me greasier than before I washed my face. I've also tried the Anti Wrinkle Q10 plus Eye Cream, it helped get rid of the dark circles under my eyes, so use it twice a day after moisterising.
And for your body, something I've gushed about before, Cocoa Butter body, and hand and foot moisteriser. If you love chocolate, you'll love this. Rub it in and smell like a chocolate factory. It doesn't leave you greasy and lasts all day. I rub it on in the morning after my shower.
Now don't forget to slap on the sunscreen. Olay complete defense has been branded the best face sunscreen by dermatologists and I use Nivea light feel for my arms and neck. They are both light and non greasy and work really well.
This is the best hairspray I've found and works well. VO5.
For pimples, I've started using Nivea bye-bye spot stick. Slather it on every few hours, if you don't have make up on and those little suckers will disappear in no time. I find if you wipe your face with toner and let it dry then use this stick, it's better.
And for those of us with insanely fair facial hair that lasers cannot remove, I've asked, then Nair is the best I have used so far. It's soft and gentle and doesn't burn you unless you leave it on too long. And you don't get left with stubble!

Well peeps, that's another look into my beauty regime and cabinet, next week, perfume!
Jewels xxoo


  1. Im going to check out the face moistureiser. I have been searching for a new one that is actually decent.

  2. The Nivea face moisteriser is great in summer, depending on your skin, you may need a thick cream one in winter. Try Nivea Q10 in the small jar.

    Most of these products are available in Australia at Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Coles, Kmart, Big W, Target etc

  3. I've never been much of a beauty products nuts. Maybe I will when I'll need cream against wrinkles and shit like that.

    Recently, I am obsessed with cosmetic brushes. I just can't get enough of them LOL


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