Monday, March 22, 2010

Jewels Diva Agony Aunt Advice Columnist!

For those who don't know about this column you can see the rest of the letters here

If you have any letters for Jewels, then email me at and I'll post it here with my advice. Or just ask in your reply.

So I got this letter from Anonymous and I have a sneaking suspicion it's from someone I just wrote about below.

Dear Jewels,

I broke up with my girfrie, uh, fiance, last week in favour of my career. My friends and family are very supportive and I'm glad I have them. However I don't know what to do about my ex. The bitch threw her engagement ring down the toilet and has put her Aston, uh, car that I bought her up for sale.

She's been a real thorn in my side and all the rubbish she's involved in has almost ruined my life. And now she may be able to claim half of the penthouse we've been living in.

I don't know what to do Jewels, can you help.

Answer -

Well Mich, uh, Anon,

You've done the right thing by dumping the bitch and getting on with your life. As for the ring and the car, if you can't get them back then sue the bitch for the cost, and thank God you've gotten her out of your life.

Jewels xxoo

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