Monday, February 1, 2010

Why are swear words swear words?

Why are swear words swear words?
Who decreeded them as swear words?
Who's the knob that got on his high horse (coz it HAD to be a man) and declared, ''the following list of words have been decreeded as swear words. You cannot say them, think them, write them or use them in any way shape or form. NEVER use them EVER AGAIN.''
So, what is swearing?
Yes we all use words that are considered ''swear/naughty/bad'' words, but who said they were in the first place.
We all know these words are in any dictionary you might pick up. They all mean something. So why are they ''naughty/bad/swear words''?
''Swear words'' are commonplace and are just words used to mean normal everyday things.
Piss/pissed - to urinate. Also means annoyed/angry.
Fuck/fucked - the act of sexual intercourse. Also means done for, as in you're fucked.
Bloody - how is this a swear word? Bloody means when one is bleeding they are bloody. Duh!
Bugger - have no idea why this was a swear word, but then apparently that all changed a couple of years ago with a holden ute ad. Or was it Toyota?
Shit - well, that's what we do when we empty our bowels. Also means rubbish.
Crap - see above.
And then there's the ''S'' and ''C'' words that I will not mention coz even I'm not that crass, but they mean things too. And generally not what they get used for.
Bitch - is another name for a female dog, as is the ''S'' word I mentioned above.
Whore - well, not a name one should be using but it's still an immoral woman.
So these words don't sound nice, maybe that's why they were considered ''swear'' words. They aren't nice to use or say, but still why are they swear words.
We raise our children to not use them coz they aren't ''nice''. Yet we use them ourselves.
Contradiction much?
I may have to go in search of a language expert to answer that one, but if anyone knows, let the rest of us know.
And if you've got any swear words from your neck of the woods, leave them in your replies as long as they're not disgustingly bad coz then I'll just have to delete your posts after making a ''naughty'' list for future reference.
Jewels xxoo


  1. Well, swear words are also pretty powerful.
    Someone who swears a few times a sentence (see: Gordon Ramsey) doesn't have the same power a non-swearer does (see: Mother Theresa).
    Because when my dad swears at me, I don't even blink. "Pass the f***cking remote, look at this f***er trying to drive, etc"
    But when my mother swears, you drop whatever you're doing and apologize, because she means it.
    So I like swear words, because they've got more power than regular, non swear words.

  2. I like swear words too! As my posts have shown. I throw shit, bloody hell, pissed off, pissant, screw you around quite often!

  3. I'm always swearing too! And I agree with Alice, it does give more power to the sentence lol And swearing when mad is just the greatest way to vent... lol I like to mix French, English UK and English USA swear words in my sentences lol it just make it funnier.

    "Tabarnak" is a swear word extremely common and used around here. It means "fuck" and its derivatives in how it is used. It can be used as an insult (when addressing someone),or to overstate/amplify an emotion/state of mind, or to express surprise-disgust, etc. You know, the usual lol

    "Salope" for "Bitch"

    "Putain" for "Whore"

    In French from France, "crap" is "merde" but here we have our own slang for it, it's just pronounced differently "Marde". When used, it's crap of all craps lol

    "Sacrament" is an invention based from the holy word "Sacrement" lol When use like "Je suis en sacrament" is means "I'm pissed". Add "Je suis en sacrament, tabarnak" and you get yourself a decent swear sentence LOL

    Hope this wasn't too much?

  4. In Ben Elton's new book mother says to her son and his friends "In my day, fuck was an exclamation mark. Now it's a comma. You kid are going to have to invent some new words to use for impact now"

    That doesn't answer your question, I just thought it was cool.

  5. Cyn, LOVE IT!!!!! And I've made note of them!

    Scoman - when was fuck an exclamation mark????

    It's true though, we should invent some new ones!

  6. I never use swear words. Really. I promise. ;)

  7. Hahaha, so you're ready for Quebec now! ;D

    And I just had to look up the definition for bugger. Anal intercourse and now it has become a derivation of "fuck" (annoyance)?! O_o The Times They Are A-Changin' for sure... lol


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