Monday, February 8, 2010

When did Gay become Gay?!?!?!?!?

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Today's topic is about gay.

As in gay people.

Not the gay of yesteryear that meant happy, bright, cheerful.

No, that's not gay at all anymore.

So, when did gay become gay?

After a recent convo, I asked the question, when did people first start realising they preffered their own kind to the opposite.

I've seen stories and docos on male Hollywood stars from way back, and the story is always the same. They were gay.

Rock Hudson, Cary Grant, although he married several times, the rumours were always there.

Most of Hollywood's leading men were gay. And that's going back to the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s.

Thinking back, Aids and ''gay'' slowly came to the fore in the 70s. Studio 54, and all clubs and lounges were fast becoming full of gay men mainly, slowly coming out and about with their gayness. The Village People's movie ''You Can't Stop The Music'' was full of gay.

Then the 80s signified the coming out of gay people. The 90s more so, and well, this century we just don't give a shit if you're gay or not coz we just don't care.

But back to my point.

Society didn't know, think, speak, dream of ''gay''. Back in the old days of Hollywood, male characters chased female characters, in real life men married women, everyone seemed to be in a heterosexual culture. Women and objects were considered gay. As in bright, cheerful, happy.

However, behind the scenes, things were achanging.

Gay didn't mean those thing anymore, so who the hell took the word gay and made it ugly? Who knows, but I sure as hell didn't screw up the english language to use words that one day meant one thing and changed them into meaning something else the next.

So, when did ''people'' turn gay? What are the earliest times that people knew what gay now meant? What preffering to screw your own kind over the opposite meant?

Hell, having sex with a woman is a turn off for me, I just can't ever see myself turning gay. And I say turning because I am as straight as a board people!!! I love men way too much to want to screw women.

So, when did gay become gay?

When did gay happen?

Why does gay exist?

But I'm sure that's a whole nother post.

I don't believe there's a gay gene. I don't believe babies know they're gay, for all the dumb arse gay liars out there, you had no idea.

Going back to my childhood, while I had crushes on boys in my class, 99% brunettes mind you, I never had any sexual feelings until puberty, and even then not a hell of a lot.

Hence forth, gay people who claimed to know when they were babies that they were attracted to the same kind are liars.

But going back to my topic.


A very straight man loving Jewels xxoo


  1. Gays became gay when they got tired of being queer. The male gay gene is passed from mothers to sons, so you could have it without even knowing it.

  2. I don't know whether people knew they were gay at birth or not.. because I'm not gay. And neither are you. So how you know that for sure is a tad confusing.

    I like the above comment though, because it uses science. Science that I'm not going to bother looking into, because I read it on the internet and therefore it is true. Anything anyone tells me from this point forwards is rubbish, because I read that first, and that is what I believe now.

  3. Thanks for the shout out! :D Was very happy to help ya!

    I think the real term is homosexual, and gay is just used with and for the ignorant masses? But there's evolution (or whatever) in every generation and culture. Kinda like the word "bugger" lol But I've listened to a lot of psychologists explaining the whole spectrum of sexuality and how it can "change" for men and women without any warning signs and that sexuality is more fluid that what we are "forced" to believe according to what is "right" and "wrong". And back in the days, they didn't know squat. Autism was diagnosed as schizophrenia, so that tells you that much about the knowledge of the time!

    Personally, I think it has always been there throughout the ages but it became socially unacceptable because of the changing in beliefs and, well, religion. And maybe that's why we don't bother much nowadays; our society is secular. Even when we go back in history people were doing the screwing of everyone, being libertines and all. So why do we act so puritanical?! The Whites were doing it with the Blacks during Segregation and now there's more proof of it because people run their DNA test to find out more about their family ancestry! Everyone was shagging another lol I think drawing a line and making labels is hypocritical. And it's hypocritical for men to say that it is more OK for women to be homosexual than men just because -they- fantasize about female homosexuality.

    I mean, this topic can go on forever... lol Then, on the other hand, we have Ahmadinejad saying that it is the Western people who "invented" homosexuality. Who "invented" sexuality?! The lines are getting blurry by the seconds.

    And there's no other way to know what is your sexuality but to explore it, in my opinion!

  4. Gorilla Bananas - I don't believe there is a gay gene. Until I actually hear a scientist say there is, then MAYBE I'll believe him.

    Scoman - good to know you're not gay!

    Cyn - very interesting comment. I've heard scientists say that women become lesbians because they're sick of the way men treat them. But to me, that means you're bisexual, not JUST a lesbian.

    Kind of like all the married men who claim they're NOT GAY but like having sex with other men on the ''downlow''.

    What a crock of shit. Just admit your bi people, don't claim you're not, don't claim you knew as a baby, don't bullshit to your wife and screw her life up because you want to screw men.

    Just stay single and screw who you want. For men and women, gay or straight, if you want to be free to screw who and what you want, then don't mess up anyone else's life while doing it.

  5. I think gay became gay when they decided that every word used to describe them was negative so they branded themselves with a big happy word which has now come to mean something negative. Kind of ironic..



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