Friday, February 19, 2010

What is the difference between an opinion and a judgement?

My Macquarie Dictionary, albeit from 1981, has the following definitions.


1 - judgement or belief resting on grounds insufficient to produce certainty.

2 - a personal view, attitude, or estimation: public opinion.

3 - the expression of the personal view, estimation or judgement: to give an opinion on tariffs.

4 - a formal or professional judgement, expresses especially in law: counsel's opinion.

5 - a judgement or estimate of a person or thing with respect to character, merit etc.
6 - a favourable estimate; esteem.


- obstinate or conceited with regard to one's opinions; conceitedly dogmatic.


1 - pertaining to, or of the nature of a dogma or dogmas; doctrinal.

2 - asserting opinions in an authoritative, positive, or arrogant manner; positive, opinionated.


1 - a system of principles or tenets, as of a church.

2 - a tenet or doctrine authoritatively laid down, as by a church.


1 - the act of judging.

2 - a judicial decision of a cause of law.

3 - ability to judge justly or wisely, especially in matters affecting action, good sense, discretion.

4 - the forming of an opinion, estimate, notion or conclusion as from circumstances presented to the mind.

5 - the opinion formed.

6 - a misfortune regarded as inflicted by divine sentence, as for sin.

7 - the final trial of all mankind, both the living and the dead, at the end of the world

Okay, so what did you get from that?

I got that opinions and judgements are pretty much the same thing. You judge when forming an opinion. So then you are opinionated when giving the opinion. Your opinion is your own thought, feeling, belief, attitude etc.

And if we have them and stand by them we will all go to hell for having them when the world ends.

Pretty simple and easy to understand.

Yeah right!!!!!

a VERY conceitedly opinionated and dogmatic Jewels xxoo


  1. "And if we have them and stand by them we will all go to hell for having them when the world ends."

    Probably the most fucked up reasoning about opinions and judgment I've heard so far in my entire life, hahaha! The last definition of "judgment" is in relation to the biblical and religious "last judgment" when you die... about all your wrong doings on Earth, but I'm sure you got that already! ;) But it was funny anyways!

    Since you asked : To me, an opinion has always been more based on the person's beliefs and personal point of view. But you can give an opinion while being open-minded to other opinions.. You become opinionated when you are narrow minded to different opinions/point of views, but that's my.... opinion! ;D

    "You judge when forming an opinion."
    Yeah, that makes sense. In most context. Or depending on your perspective, interpretation...

    That's the bitch about some definitions. You gotta find the right context to the right definition without getting fucked in the process. At least, it's a bitch when talking in a foreign language! Had the hardest time trying to say "je m'assume" in English since "assume" in English doesn't mean the same as in French where the word has more than one definition/use.

  2. "And if we have them and stand by them we will all go to hell for having them when the world ends."

    That was me making a joke about Judgement #7!

  3. From someone just passing through...I always love to say "opinions vary" and this goes to show they they really do. Words and their meanings are like reality (it's whatever we perceive it to be). The way we perceive things comes from our life some the act of judging would be a horrible thing and to others judgment defines who they are. The bottom line reads: I opine, therefore I am and if this makes any sense to you, then welcome to my world.


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