Friday, February 5, 2010

A very strange email I got today.

I wasn't going to bitch today but something strange has happened.

I revieved an email via Facebook from Cult Following to remove the interview I posted of the Michael Brasic Ceesau interview WAY BACK IN JUNE 2009.

I deleted the email before copying it to show it here, but basically she? wants me to remove the full contents of the interview and and just leave the link, OR post the opening of the interview with the link.

Now, I'm in two minds about this, as I originally posted the interview here and have had no trouble for the last 8 months. And now suddenly I'm getting an email regarding me pasting the whole interview into my post. Although I certainly gave them the credit and had the link, quite frankly I'm in the mind to tell them to get stuffed. I might just await another email.

What's your opinion?

Jewels xxoo


  1. I think if you put the link in there's no problem with copying and pasting someone elses work.

    If someone wants credit for it but won't share it like that, I'd tell em to get stuffed and delete it completely.

  2. A swift fuck off should do the trick.

    You are not claiming to have conducted the interview. You put the link to it so if people really give a shit who did the interview then they can clearly follow the link to see it.

    So they are just loser cult freaks that need to get a life.

    And if not they can take you to court, but Michael will have to be present to confirm or deny wether you conducted the interview or not ;)

  3. wow some people need to get out more!! i really shouldnt let it bother you, you posted it way back in june so cant see the problem now. whats the worse that can happen?? if they were that bothered then they should have said some-thing back then not like 8months laters. crazy. But also do what you think is right tho. hope it gets sorted;

  4. @Anonymous : I think people needs to read about how to use people's work by respecting basic law and rules... on any media.


    Seriously, we cannot blame them for not knowing about your page. They have better things to do than hunting the web for who copied-pasted their interviews, but I guess if they came across one they'll email the person and whatnot. And that's what they did. They also email me long after I commented their Guestbook to thank me for the kind words, but I didn't mind the time difference as I understand people do have a life outside Internet and these people got interviews to get done and other stuff that's not our business in the first place. They got no justification on that matter to anyone.

    I sorta feel bad that you got reprimanded because I was the one that suggested to do it in the first place! I guess we should have thought of asking Cult Following their permission as it is always the basic policy and courtesy in using someone else's work! So I guess in respect of their work, you should do as they say... they did offered you an alternative so it's not like they're being big assholes here... (and as I talked to them before, they're nice people so I can't imagine them being assholes) Most people would have freak the fuck out and demand that you delete the entire post. And people with author's copyrights DO have lawyers and CAN use them if the situation fits. Cult Following are entitled to their intellectual property just as any artists/journalist/writer on the Internet, printed media, etc.

    It may not have bothered you if it was your interview being copied-pasted but that is so beside the point. I think their demand is fair enough and absolutely legit. -I- was a bigger bitch and asshole when someone redistributed my graphic work on Buzznet without permission.

  5. As a follow up to this post, I have since deleted the interview but have left my thoughts in the post instead. Deleted their website too!


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